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Hidden Gem of Napier: Cafe Ahuriri | ThumbsForFood

Today, I am going to share with you guys about this pretty little cafe called Cafe Ahuriri hidden in a little corner of Napier! How did I manage to find it or even get to know about it? Well, one night in the lounge, I was flipping through the magazines and I came across this article on Cafe Ahuriri. I think it was on Napier Life Magazine (2012). But well, it was also featured on the travel page of the New York Times (2010). So, I figured out that I had to check this cafe out! 

Well, it wasn't easy to find as it wasn't on the main Ahuriri Street. I cannot really remember my directions there either. But, just ask around! People in the stores should know this cafe! Or you can google map the place [: 

I was so happy when I finally found this place. It gives off a really old school feel from its exterior. Love that it is not in a shopping mall or a building but just standing alone in the street. 

Well, I have to say that I was a little disappointed when I stepped into the cafe. I was expecting more for the interior design and decorations. Well, nothing too wrong about simplicity I guess! Oh, but they have this outdoor area which I liked. We didn't take the outdoor seats as we wanted to hide from the strong winds.

Cafe Ahuriri is famous for its custard squares, the Sunday Family Breakfast Buffet, and great coffee! I didn't get to try the custard squares but I would really like to try it! If you have had a chance to try it, please share with me about how you find it!  

Mochaccino. It was like a mix of mocha and cappuccino which we really liked. A good combination if you are tired of the usual breakfast drink!

Lamington. This is basically sponge cake covered in chocolate with a layer of desiccated coconut. Well, I am not a fan of coconut so I don't really like this. Lamington originated from Australia! 

Chelsea Bun. When I saw this on the shelf, I knew I had to try it. Okay, I really have an obsession with cinnamon rolls. Perhaps that was why I was so attracted to this. It looked so much like my favourite cinnamon roll. When I was in the States, I could bake the instant cinnamon rolls every night for breakfast and supper! It was basically bread with raspberry fillings and icing sugar. But, I would highly recommend you to try it as the texture and the taste of the bread was sooooo good that I could remember it till now.

Okay, there were really a lot of choices for the pastries and sweets. I was really at a lost as to what to order. Go with a bunch of friends and then you can order more to share!

Corn Fritters. We asked for recommendations and this was what the staff recommended! We also decided to try this as it wasn't a common find in Singapore. Well, brunch menu in Singapore is pretty limited compared to the ones in New Zealand and Australia!

I am not a corn lover but I find their mixture of ingredients and sauces really amazing! The corn fritter on its own is sweet but it went well with their bacon and avocado with a splash of mayo!

BLT sandwich. I was really starving when I ordered and I decided that this could very well fill my hungry tummy. It turned out to be good! Simple item; sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Did I mention that I really love how most of the fries in New Zealand come with aioli sauce? I love the aioli sauce! Thinking of all these food now makes me so hungry!

We went at around 3 plus in the afternoon so we didn't get to catch everything on the shelf. If you want to have a glimpse of the cafe at its peak hours, wake up earlier to grab breakfast and a cup of coffee for a more energized day!

One last thing to add is that I have to say that I was not very impressed with the service of the staff that served us. She wasn't very helpful and friendly despite the cafe being rather empty. Oh yes, we spent around 20 NZD per person. I think the price was quite reasonable!

Overall, I would still say that Cafe Ahuriri is a cafe worth checking out if you are in Napier or passing by Napier!

How was your experience in Napier? Do you have any food recommendations in Napier? Feel free to share with us your comments and experiences at or simply comment on this post! [: 

Cafe Ahuriri
16 Mahia Street
Napier, 4110

Operating hours:
Mon-Sun 6am-345pm
Public Holidays 7am-3pm
Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day


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