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Flor Patisserie (Siglap) | ThumbsForFood

Easties who are looking for another place to hang out with nice cakes, Flor Patisserie has officially opened a new outlet at Siglap! Do check out our review on their flagship store at Duxton here.

It is situated on Siglap Drive, a short bus ride away from Kembengan MRT. For those who drive, it shouldn’t be difficult to locate the place. Location-wise, we felt that it is not very ideal because there are not many other shops around that area. The allure for those who go there probably would be just to visit Flor!

What I like about the exterior of Flor, is the eye-catching blue signboard as well as the full-length transparent panes. Those who walk past the shop will be able to take a peek into the shop and see the array of cakes in the glass displays. Who can resist the temptation of getting one after looking at how colorful and pretty the cakes look?

Flor Patisserie's shop front
Interior of Flor 
Display of Cakes
We arrived at Flor and were warmly welcomed by the friendly staff there. Heidi Tan, the Operations Manager gave us an introduction of the place and showed us to the food reception. Heidi helms the outlet at Siglap and would be the brain behind many new interesting flavors to come!

We felt that the people at Flor really put in a lot of thought for the opening by preparing mini versions of their cakes. It allows us to try the various flavors without feeling full too fast. We really love the whole setting of the food reception. It felt like a mini tea party with checkered table mat, baskets and happy colors.

Our food reception
Besides the different variety of cakes, we were also honored to try out their handmade croissants which they are going to include into their new brunch and savory menu only in Siglap. The texture of the croissants are perfectly flaky and the butter taste not too overwhelming. Personally, we prefer the butter taste to be a bit stronger. We can’t wait to try out their other savory pastries soon!

Handmade Ham and Cheese Croissants
Okay, back to the cakes! Flor specializes in Mille Feuille cakes that are baked fresh daily. They only use the fresh ingredients and achieve aeration of their cakes by using special techniques. A tour in their kitchen proves that they use fresh fruits to achieve the flavors of their cakes.

The array of yummy cakes
We have two favorites – The Napolean and Avocado Mousse with Lemon Jelly. For those who have been to Flor at their other outlets, you might have seen the Napolean. The combination of puff pastry with fresh strawberry and cake infused with some cream is difficult for anybody not to like it. Another thing that we like about Flor’s cakes is that you can taste the natural fruit flavor from the cakes and occasionally get to discover some small bits of fruit. Their cakes are also not too sweet which makes eating another piece an easy feat.

The Avocado Mousse with Lemon Jelly is a new creation. We really like the avocado flavor which is rich and creamy. Heidi shared with us that she is brainstorming on how to infuse this flavor into the pastries so that it does not disintegrate or become watery due to warm temperature. We look forward to the new Avocado dessert creation!

Avovado Mousse with lemon jelly and Mango Rarecheese
They do offer other cakes that appeal to different fruit lovers and non-fruit lovers. Cacoa Royal is a chocolate cake that would appeal to those who do not like their chocolate too sweet. I personally find it rich and it brings out a balanced chocolate flavor. Mango Rarecheese is not your normally cheesecake. The cheese melts in the mouth but, personally I find the cheese too strong and is a little off with the mango. Flor’s Mont Blanc has also been a hit among its fans. The chestnut taste is so fragrant and goes well nicely with the cake. I guess I don’t have to elaborate about the classic Strawberry Shortcake.

Mango Rarecheese and Napoleon
Cacao Royal
Mont Blanc

Strawberry Shortcake
Other than their Mille Feuille, we tasted their cookies and other cakes. My personal favorite is the Madeline. I am not a cookie lover but my friend who tasted the walnut cookie felt that it was fragrant and good!

Flor's various cookies
Being a usual glutton, I could not resist buying a Wakakusayama. It’s a matcha swiss roll cake infused with honey and their special homemade Azuki bean cream. We felt that the Green Tea flavor was pleasantly rich. Behold, Green Tea Lovers, this would be a cake that is a must try!

We met friendly and warm Elim Chew, founder of 77 Street during the opening. Thanks to her, we got to taste the cheese tart which is her personal all-time favorite. Flor has other flavors of cheese tarts including Green tea Yuzu. But, her favorite is the Original one. We got to say, it tastes much better than it looks! Being a fan of cheese, the cheese tart stole my heart. Do try it if you would like to try something else apart from their cakes.

Flor's Original Cheese Tart
The outlet at Siglap has more seating capacity and space than the Flagship store at Duxton. Hence, Heidi shared that they will be having a café concept here in Siglap. Tea and coffee will be listed in their menu to pair it with their cakes and pastries. Personally, I like this concept of sipping tea and having some cake. We got to try their Hibiscus Tea which was perfect for neutralizing the sweet of the desserts.

We would like to thank Flor Patisserie for inviting us to their opening. We met other food bloggers at the event and had a good time chatting over delectable desserts and tea. We are excited to try new creations from Flor in near future! 

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Flor @ Siglap
42 Siglap Dr 
Singapore 456 167
Phone: +65 6243 0813    Fax: +65 6243 0613

Business hours:
Tuesday to Thursday: 11.30 am - 8.30pm
Friday - Sunday (Public Holidays):  11.30am- 10.00pm 
Monday: Closed
Cafe closes 30 mins before closing time


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