Saturday, 12 October 2013

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The much awaited Lady M has arrived in Singapore in Marina Square! Lady M is one of the restaurants that is featured in Marina's Square new space called The Dining Edition. The Dining Edition brings cuisines from around the world. Apart from Lady M, I will be reviewing the other restaurants that in The Dining Edition. So, do check out our blog for upcoming posts! 

Once you enter Marina Square on the 2nd floor, you will see Lady M on the left of the entrance. Donned in white, Lady M presents a chic minimalist theme which puts the focus on its cakes that are of different colors. I really like the simplicity of the setting, with occasional flowers and plant on the table. Waiters and waitresses are also dressed in Black to contrast with the white setting. 

Chic, white minimalist theme
The waiter politely ushered us to a sit and passed us the menu. We were also told that we can walk to the displays to look at the cakes and desserts offered before deciding what we would like to try. Apart from Mille Creps, they offer other selections such as cheesecakes, eclairs and tarts. We note that the prices range from $5.50 to $10 for the eclairs and tarts.

Cakes on Display
Having had a filling dinner, we decided that we would skip the tarts and eclairs this time.

Vanilla Mille Crepe ($7.50 a slice) is a definite must-order, especially for first-time patrons. After tasting it, I would say that it doesn't disappoint! This signature cake has 20 layers of crepe infused with cream in between the layers. I like how thin the layers are and how the crepe and cream complement perfectly with each other. The cake is fragrant without being too sweet. I think I can easily down 2 cakes without feeling sick of it!

Vanilla Mille Crepe
I was really hoping to try the Green Tea Mille Crepe as well but sadly, it had a seasonal cake sticker over it on the menu. The waiter told us that it is not always available. 

Hence, we decided to try the Banana Mille Feuille ($8 a slice). Mille Feuille is usually made up of three layers of puff pastry and two layers of crème pâtissière. The one here has vanilla sponge cake and bananas in it. What I really like about the Mille Feuille is that although the cream makes up a large portion of the cake, the cream has a tinge of banana flavor, making it very fragrant. 

Checker ($8) is a visually pleasing cake. A simple choclolate and vanilla sponge cake topped with chocolate ganache, Checker is different from your usual chocolate and vanilla cake as it isn't as sweet. The sponge layers are also fluffy and tasty, I especially like the Ganache layer which gives the cake a delectable touch.

Gateau Nuage ($7.50) looks like an ordinary cheesecake but, it is actually more than that. Atop the nicely whipped cheesecake base and Graham crackers crust is a thin layer of sour cream. Gatrau Nuage actually means "cloud cake". The melt-in-your-mouth cheese makes you feel that you tastebuds have accelerated up into the air.

Gateau Nuage
I would love to try their other cakes such as theGateau Aux Marrons ($7.50), which reminds me of a mont blanc. It is actually an almond flour cake with whipped cream and chestnut cream.  I will definitely be back to try their other cakes! 

Lady M also serves coffee and tea for customers who want a drink to pair with the sweets. The coffee and tea are priced below $10 and are quite friendly to the pocket.

Overall, I would recommend Mille Crepe Cake lovers to try out Lady M's signature Mille Crepe! If you want to avoid the taxes, you can takeaway too. For those who have tried the other flavors, do let us know what is your favorite flavor by commenting on our post! :)

Lady M
Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594 



  1. Hi! So does it mean that if I do takeaway, there will be no 7% GST and 10% service charge on the cakes? Thanks!! (:

    1. Hi yanting,

      If I'm not wrong, takeaway has GST but no service charge! :)