Wednesday, 9 October 2013

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I have been wanting to visit Symmetry for a while as I have heard positive reviews about their brunch. Well, I didn't get to try their breakfast menu though as I headed down on a Friday afternoon and all they had was their Lunch menu. There was a wide selection of food though, and some choices of breakfast food for people craving for some comfort breakfast food. 

I really like the decorations in the shop and it made me feel like I was transported back to a cafe in Melbourne. I love the cafe culture in Melbourne and in New Zealand! 

The lighting in the cafe gives the cafe a cozy vibe; suitable for friends to chill and sit down for a drink or two. Love these little accessories that made me feel like taking a lot of photos!

Potato Fries (With Truffle Oil) $15. Well, I would say this can match up to the truffle fries at P.S cafe in terms of the portion. Really huge but we still managed to finish it. Deep deep love for anything & everything that has truffle in it [: The truffle taste sort of died out towards the end though but it was good enough for us! 

Truffle Eggs & Mushroom. We came with our heart and mind prepared for some hearty brunch so we decided to order a classic breakfast meal! The portion was good & I loved the mushrooms so much. There's a mixture of different mushrooms but my favourite got to be the oysters mushroom. Really tasty! The scrambled eggs was pretty normal though. Oh yes, the berries flavoured butter is something that I have not tried before and it went so well with the bread. If only I could have more of that for my bread!

Crab Pesto. My friend thought that this was a disappointment for the staff had recommended this as one of the more popular items. Yeah, I felt that the spaghetti was probably a little overcooked and the entire dish lacked a bit of texture to it. The taste was quite good though!

They have free wifi as well so I managed to get some work done there! Love cafes that have free wifi!

Flat White. The coffee is definitely up to the standards. Do you know that they brew their coffee with a $30,000 American Slayer Espresso Machine?

Waffles. Well, we wanted something sweet and hence, we ordered waffles. A safe choice, but nothing out of the ordinary!

This was complimentary! Grapes that made us feel happy [:

Love the quotes!

It gets pretty crowded at night so if you are going in a large group, you may want to make reservations just to be safe! They have an outdoor area which looks quite cool to chill as well! I would probably not mind an outdoor seat when I head over to Symmetry for a drink at night.

Overall, I would say that Symmetry serves quite decent food. The price may not be the most affordable though! I would definitely head down to try the Brunch Menu next time round. Really wanted to try some of their items on the menu!

What is your brunch item at Symmetry?


Symmetry Cafe
9 Jalan Kubor #01-01
S 199206

Opening Hours:

MON1030 – 2100
TUE – THU1030 – 2300
FRI1030 – 0000
SAT0900 – 0000

0900 – 2100

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