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As most who have been following The Tiramisu Hero's news would know, The Tiramisu Hero has officially opened a cafe in Jalan Besar. 

Jalan Besar is a recent hotspot for the sprouting of new cafes. Other than The Tiramisu Hero, do check out our upcoming posts on other cafes we visited in the area! 

It is not difficult to spot Tiramisu Hero from afar! As you can see from the photo below, when you arrive at the shop, you will spot the big signage as well as the garden-like alfresco dining area. I really like the entrance of the shop as it is spacious and inviting. It also has a smoking area for patrons who wish to take a smoke break.

Entrance of The Tiramisu Hero
As you step into the shop, The Tiramisu Hero's mascot, Sir Antonio greets you at every corner of the wall. What we really like about the interior is the ladders hanging upside down from the ceilings. Lights are wrapped around the ladder which helps illuminate the places as well as add a creative touch to the design. The whole place gives off a relaxed and comfortable vibe while achieving a chic minimalist stance. We could feel that the owners really placed a lot of effort in decorating the shop to bring out it's own unique character and style. 

Seating area 

Beautiful lights hanging off the ceiling

Unique designs

Sir Antonio painted on the walls

The must-try when we are in The Tiramisu Hero's cafe is their signature Tiramisu. Here in their cafe, they offer various sizes of Tiramisu that will match your group's size. Also, they have all the flavors and some special ones include Horlick, Lavendar, Lemon and such. Sadly, when we were there, only Original and Milo were available. We decided to try the Milo flavoured, MommaHero ($7.90), good for one.

MommaHero- Milo flavoured
We ordered a Creme Brulee Latte ($6.50). Personally, I found this not strong enough for my liking. However, for my friends who prefer something sweeter, they really liked this coffee. The coffee was really fragrant and something quite unique. For those who are looking for something different and not as strong, this would be a good choice!

Creme Brulee Latte
We were really surprised when we saw that the menu consists of dishes like Tom Yum Goong and Thai Basil Pork Rice which we don't really see appear on the usual brunch menu. Piqued, we decided to order the Thai Basil Pork Rice ($12.50) as we wanted to try something different. Looking at the photo below, it doesn't look very photogenic, but, the dish was really appetizing and quite tasty. We would recommend this dish to those who prefer something other than your usual brunch.

Thai Basil Pork Rice
 Jayne Mac & Cheese ($8.90) seems to be a favorite among the patrons. We noticed that almost all the tables around us has this dish. It was presented simply, in tandem to it being a common comfort food. As expected. it is a simple dish with no complex flavors which makes it a comfortable choice. There are also many other choices that you may like to try.

Jayne Mac & Cheese

Our brunch choices
The Tiramisu Hero Cafe also displays some products from other independent retailers. We saw some handmade jewellery as well as other unique products on display.

Little details in the shop

Displays on the shelves
Overall, we feel that The Tiramisu Hero Cafe is a great place for friends to hang out and we will be back to chill out with our friends over some coffee. Do drop by if you are in the area even if it's just to grab some tiramisu to takeaway or look at the beautiful and well-thought decorations!

The Tiramisu Hero's cashier and desk top

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The Tiramisu Hero Cafe
121 Trywhitt Road
Nearest MRT Stations: Lavendar and Farrer Park

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  1. Decor is definitely one of a kind! But in contrast with its signature tiramisu, I prefer their mains more :P