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Johor Bahru: Ya Wang | ThumbsForFood

For all Chinese Roasted Duck lovers, I'm sure you'll be familiar with Dian Xiao Er in Singapore. So, today, we'll introduce you to the appointed advisor of Dian Xiao Er, that is Ya Wang (King of Ducks) that is situated in Johor Bahru. The location is really near City Square, thus, really quite convenient for you to walk there! It is really near to Kam Long Curry Fish Head as well. 

It is not difficult to spot Ya Wang as you could spot it from afar from the huge duck hanging at it's entrance. 
Ya Wang Entrance
As you approach Ya Wang, you will be able to see the various meat they have to offer. Apart from the famed duck, you will also be able to spot others like Shao Rou (Crispy Roasted Pork Belly) and Shao Ji (Roasted Chicken). The exterior of the shop easily reveals that the age of the shop. The good thing about the place is it is air-conditioned and thus, really good to escape the heat!

Shop Face
They have various choices of herbal duck such as Shi Quan Kao Ya (Ten Spices Herbal Roasted Duck) and Dang Gui Kao Ya (Chinese Angelica Root Roasted Duck). We tried both the flavors and our favorite is the Shi Quan Kao Ya. The gravy of the duck is really fragrant and taste really similar to the one at Dian Xiao Er. Price-wise, it's definitely more affordable.

Herbal Roasted Duck
Apart from their Roasted Duck, Ya Wang offers other food as well. Their other food is in the form of Tzi Char style. Price wise, it is quite affordable. They offer sets as well that includes soup, vegetable and other dishes to complement the duck. 

Their Seafood Tofu and Vegetable Claypot was served hot and what was good was that the ingredients were really generous! Apart from that, it is not very fascinating but a really good dish to go with plain rice. 

Seafood Tofu and Vegetable Claypot

Xiao Bai Cai is one of our favorite vegetable. The one here was tasty, fresh and succulent. If you like Xiao Bai Cai like us, do give it a try!

Xiao Bai Cai
Kang Kong in Malay Style (Ma Lai Feng Guang) is Kang Kong cooked with chili. It is nothing special but, definitely whets one's appetite due to it's flavor.

Kang Kong in Malay Style
As you can see from the picture below, we also ordered their Lotus Soup. The soup was of mediocre standard but we would order it again if we are craving for some.

All in all, Ya Wang serves as a cheaper alternative to tasty Herbal Roasted Duck. It is not your usual duck with extra crispy skin but it is a duck that brings out a fragrant taste after immersing in the various Herbal gravies. We will definitely be back if we are craving for some duck! 

Dishes we ordered
We will bring you more JB food haunts to expand your food checklist when you cross the causeway next time! So, do look out for our upcoming posts on it.

Check out Ya Wang's other branch at Taman Sentosa below!

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  1. Hi, what time open and what time close?

    1. Hi Anon,

      Opening hours are from 8am-6pm! :)