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Wellington Central: Sushi Bi | ThumbsForFood

Wellington is definitely a place that I will return to. Even though it is a busy city, it gives off a strong cultural vibe that attracted me very much during my short stay there. I love this city, for the strong coffee culture it has. I love this city, for the many vintage shops and even a vintage street that it has. There are so many reasons for me to come back to this beautiful place, the capital of New Zealand. I am so glad that I went ahead with my travel plans to Wellington.

As a foodie, I was pleased to find many treasures in this city. There are endless number of cafes along the street. Choices of restaurants were so wide that I had difficulty in settling my meals there. A tip from my traveling experiences so far tell me that the best place could often be found in a random coincidence. And, it is so true for us that day. It was our first day there and we were starving. We then decided to grab an ice-cream to tide our hunger over. While walking on the streets, we came across this alley where I could see a long queue popping out. As an extremely curious traveller, I decided to check the queue out.

And, I am so glad that I checked this place out. It turned out that this was a famous sushi chain in Wellington and they were having 50% off at that time! I was so happy at that moment to be able to catch the deal. Yes, Sushi Bi has a 50% discount for their sushi after 4pm everyday! 

Random alley where we found Sushi Bi

So apparently, Sushi Bi won the Best of Wellington 2011 award. Well, this was the FIRST box of sushi that I got for myself. Of course, it wasn't enough for me as I was feeling greedy so I got myself another box later on. This box probably cost me around $5 NZD. Isn't it a great deal? 

Oh, and I have to say that this is probably the best sushi I have had in New Zealand so far. The sushi is fresh, and definitely worth the price! 

Yes, most people have takeaways so the waiting time was not too long. Well, you can always buy the sushi and grab a bench outside/nearby the shop. It is certainly a good place to settle dinner fast and quick!

Aburi Salmon!

Well, so I went back to Sushi Bi again 2 days later as the temptation of half-priced sushi was too great for me to overcome. Luckily for me, Sushi Bi has more than 1 outlet in Wellington Central. 

Check out this bargain shop yourself! It is not easy to find a good japanese meal for this price right?

Sushi Bi
2 Woodward St 
Wellington Central 
Wellington City

Do contact us at if you have any enquiries! 


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