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The Dispensary is one of the newest cafes in the Tiong Bahru area. It is quite known that this new cafe is refurbished from an old chinese medical hall. Hence, it is not difficult to spot the cafe from its decorations and interior. What we liked about the cafe is that a lot of effort is placed in retaining the old medical hall's decor. The shop front is spacious with a lot of natural light illuminating the cafe, giving the place a fresh yet reminiscent feel. 

Interior of The Dispensary


We explored the whole cafe and realised that they had an alfresco area situated at their rooftop balcony. It was spacious and inviting. However, the heat was a little too overwhelming that day so we decided to sit indoors. Otherwise, this space would definitely be a favorite for those who enjoy basking in natural light with a cuppa and cake.

Alfresco Rooftop
We decided to try their one of their cupcakes, Chocolate Storm and their homemade Kueh Lapis. Chocolate storm is a chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate cream cheese and a macaron. As the name suggests, everything is chocolate. Yet, when you taste the cream, you could definitely taste the hint of cheese. I would say it wasn't really fantastic amidst the other cupcake competitors. You could try their other flavors and let me know how you feel!

Chocolate Storm and Kueh Lapis
I will strongly recommend The Dispensary cake to patrons of this cafe! What we normally see in cafes are red velvet cakes so, when I saw that this cake was a Black Velvet cake, I was really curious. What I really like is the light cream cheese frosting around the cake. It went really well with the black velvet. I didn't mind that it wasn't too chocolatey as I enjoyed the texture and combination. Yes, it was so good that we had two slices! The little round chocolate balls complemented the cake really well too.

The Dispensary
A must try!
 The Blueberry Cheese on the other hand paled in comparison. The cake was good but was not as attractive. The almonds on the cake gave the cake a crisp texture. I would definitely appreciate if there were more blueberries in the cheese layer. Nonetheless, the cheese was smooth and not too sweet. For those who are looking for something light, this could possibly be a choice.

The Blueberry Cheese
 We ordered Mocha, Latte and Vanilla Latte. As we chose the dine-in option, we were quite surprised that the coffee was served in disposable cups. Well, could it be that these cups were more easily dispensable? We felt that the coffee was mediocre and putting them in disposable cups were quite a pity as they had pretty latte art. If we hadn't lifted up the lid, we would not discover the pretty designs.


The Dispensary sells other cakes as well as you can see from the picture below. I would think that a main attraction of their cakes is their cream cheese layers. I would think that it would go well with any type of cakes. I look forward to trying out their Carrot Cake the next time around!

Various cakes on display
Overall, we find that The Dispensary serves good cakes and provide a comfortable dining ambience for patrons. It serves to preserve the old while adding elements of the new. The Dispensary also accepts orders from customers and you can request for any flavors and they will try their best to make one for you! I will definitely be back to try their other cakes!

69 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168723
Tel: 6536 0225
Fax: 6536 0355

Business Hours:
Tues to Thurs 10am to 10pm
Fri & Sat 10am to 10:30pm
Sun 9am to 7pm
Closed on Monday

Love, Y

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