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Superstar K (Tanjong Pagar) | ThumbsForFood

Korean food lovers probably would have heard of Superstar K situated in Tanjong Pagar. Superstar K serves up various ala carte Korean dishes such as stews, noodles, e.t.c. It's highlight however would definitely be its Barbecue Meat!

One of the best must-haves for good barbeque meat is non other than the fire! Meat barbecued with Charcoal fire definitely makes the meat more fragrant! Superstar K also has a smoke vent directly under every barbecue pit to ensure that the place does not get overly smoky.

Charcoal Flame

Patrons would have to crowd around a stove and dine. I really quite like the vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant as it resonates the ones in Korea. A tip for ladies or anyone who has bags, you can lift up the seat of the stool to reveal a compartment for you to stow your bags away to refrain them for having the barbecue smell. 

Interior of Superstar K
Every patron will be served with their own tray of sauces and condiments. I like this concept as it is cleaner and more convenient. For those who are wondering what the onion sauce is for, you can actually dip marinated meat in it for it to enhance its flavor. A good tip from Z!

Condiments and Sauces
They sell Hite Beer at $12 a bottle as well. We find that Hite really goes well with barbecued meat as it is refreshing and light!

Hite Beer
Superstar K also serves up side dishes (banchan) that you can refill for free once. We found their kimchi really delicious as it is not too sour not too spicy.

Side dishes and personal sauces tray
We tried their Beef as it was recommended by the staff there. We saw many tables eating their beef as well. Look at how beautifully marbled the beef is below! The good thing is also that the staff will help you cook the meat so you can happily enjoy chatting with friends whilst waiting for the meat to be done. We found the beef really quite good and juicy!

Yes, Superstar K also serves up steamed egg (for free with order of  BBQ meat) ! You can ask for one refill for this as well! It is soooo good! The egg is really fluffy and delicious. Goes really well with rice!

Steamed Egg
In the middle of the picture below, that is one of the must-try in out opinion. The curded beancurd soup! It is spicy, appetising and the beancurd is really smooth! Totally appetising and delicious.

Our Meal with Curded Beancurd Soup
We tried their spicy chicken as well. Please bear with the visually not very appetising raw chicken. It is actually quite delicious! A tip is to eat the spicy chicken with kimchi. It helps to neutralize some of the spiciness.

Spicy Chicken

Overall, we had a great experience at Superstar K! We would recommend Superstar K for small group of 3-4 friends which we feel is most comfortable to seat around the table. I personally feel that Superstar K is quite underrated as it does serve up relatively good meat. Korean food lovers, do give this place a try! (There's another branch opened at Telok Ayer as well)

75 Tanjong Pagar Road
6224 0504
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 1130-1430; 1730-2300
(Closed on Mondays)


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