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Le Steak by Chef Amri is one of the few halal restaurants that serve up steak. As such, when I heard of it's setting up at Jalan Kayu, it has been on my must-try halal food places. For those who know Chef Amri will know that he is a Celebrity Chef on Suria Channel. Besides being known for his charming persona, Chef Amri is known for his creativity in making healthy yet tasty dishes. 

It is not difficult to spot Le Steak, especially on weekends when there is a queue. Le Steak is a casual restaurant suitable for family dining and group gatherings. You can also make a booking with Le Steak if you would like to book the venue for an event. They also have private dining room that you can make reservations. They however, do not take reservations for normal dine-in. 

Le Steak Entrance

Le Steak's Logo

On Fridays, Weekends, eve of PH and PH, Le Steak offers Fresh Shucked Live Oyster for $22 half a dozen. The oysters are really fresh. For the price, we felt that it was quite worth it. For those who have not tried raw oysters, Le Steak is definitely a good place to try some!

Fresh Shucked Live Oysters
We also ordered Onion Rings ($3) which was served with Mustard Sauce and Mayonnaise. The mayonnaise came as a shock for us because it was blue! Look at how striking the blue is. We really have no idea why the mayonnaise was blue. However, the taste of it was of starking difference to the color as it was quite bland. We feel that the price of sides in Le Steak is quite reasonable, priced at $3.

Onion Ring with Mustard and Mayonnaise
Le Steak offers 3 types of steak- Ribeye, Sirloin and Prime Tenderloin. Tenderloin is the most expensive among the 3, priced at $28.90. We feel that the steak was reasonably priced for the portion that was served. The steak was a little too well done I felt. I ordered medium but, it was more of a medium well done steak. Flavour wise, I would say it is not too bad. I felt that if it were to be served hot, it would have been better.

The splash of greens and mash potato was appropriate to balance the meat. The mash potato was quite finely mashed. Personally, I would have preferred it to have some bits of potato in it with a bit more buttery taste.

Teriyaki Chicken ($8.90) is reasonably priced as well. We felt that it was tasty, but, not outstanding.

Teriyaki Chicken
Seared Chilean Salmon ($14.90) was a little overcooked and thus, not as juicy as one would hope it would be. Nevertheless, the sauce went well with the fish. Similarly, we felt that the dish was not served hot as well, which, was a pity. Personally, I would have preferred the salmon skin to be made more crispy.

Seared Chilean Salmon
My friend ordered Seafood Marinara ($13.90) which she was quite satisfied due to the generous serving of seafood that included mussels, squid and prawns. This dish was served hot which was a great plus point. The tomato base was well-done, not too sour nor sweet. For those looking for a pasta dish, this would be a good dish to order.

Seafood Marinara
Chocolate lava with Ice cream ($10.90) tasted quite good. Was a little disappointed with the chocolate not oozy enough though. I especially liked the combination of the chocolate with the vanilla icecream. It complemented each other so well that I felt like ordering another.

Chocolate Lava Cake
Waffle with 2 scoops of Ice Cream ($8.90) is available only on weekends. I would say the waffle was quite well-done, fluffy and fragrant. The maple syrup was not too overwhelming, preserving the flavor of the waffle. I would have appreciated that they have more flavors of icecream or homemade icecream instead of only having chocolate or vanilla.

Le Waffle (with two scoops of icecream)
Overall, I feel that Le Steak offers Muslim patrons a different dining experience. We would come back again for affordable priced steak. Their desserts were quite a pleasure too. Hopefully, next time around when we dine in Le Steak, the food will be served hot!

48 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799472
Main Line: (65) 6556 3588 

Operating Hours
Monday – Friday & Eve PH- 3.00pm – 11.00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday - 12.00pm – 11.00pm 


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