Friday, 28 March 2014

Deburg burgers I ThumbsForFood

Hello! Have you read my previous post on Stew Kuche? This post is on Deburg burger which is situated at the same coffee shop as Stew Kuche! The coffee shop is really quite cool, with all the 
hipster shops like Stew Kuche, Deburg, The Brown Sugar by Eskimo, etc. 

Deburg Signature Burger $18.50. We decided to try their signature burger as it has everything from the beef patty to the portobello mushroom to the crispy bacon. For me, I feel that the determining factor of a tasty burger is the beef patty. The Deburg signature uses a 200g Australian grass-fed striploin patty which was quite juicy! 

However, I would say the burger still tasted pretty average on the whole. If I had a choice, I would probably choose Fatboy's over Deburg! 

With that said, I would probably return back to Deburg to give their other burgers a try. Deburg burger also serve as a good alternative to the other choices in the coffee shop. And you can also add the toppings according to your own preference! I love to make my own style of burger which is like a stacking high burger with lots of different toppings in between!

March is coming to an end. Hopefully it has been good for you so far! If you have any place that you would like us to review, please feel free to email us at or drop a comment below!


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