Wednesday, 2 April 2014

&Made by Bruno Menard | ThumbsForFood

&Made is a restaurant co-created by 3-star Michelin Chef, Bruno Menard and Deliciae Hospitality Management. It aims to reinvent informal food such as burgers and salads and bring diners a higher quality experience. 

&Made also collaborates with L'Entrecote to serve up their steak in the restaurant. Having heard positive reviews of Steak Frites at L'Entrecote, we decided to give this place a try. 

The steak came with Salad which was fresh and topped with some nuts and balsamic vinegar. Nothing fanciful. 

As &Made highly recommends The "B" Burger ($19), my friend ordered that. It was their most popular burger that promises a juicy patty on the menu. The burger is served alongside with fries. We were disappointed that the fries were served cold. The burger was alright but not fantastic. The portion was on the small side relative to the price of the dish. We felt that for the price, it was not very worth it. 

The "B" Burger

The "B" Burger
Steak Frites are L'Entrecote's signature dish. Like the "B" Burger, the fries that were served alongside the steak was cold and thus a bit hard. I would love it to be served hot and crunchy, something which we feel can be easily improved.

The steak came nicely sliced in pieces. We found that the order was more cooked than we had ordered it. The medium rare was more like a medium well and the medium well was done cooked. We found the meat not as tender as we had hoped for it to be.

Steak Frites
Overall, we thought that there were room for improvements that could be made to the overall menu.

&Made Entrance

You can view &Made's full menu here

9 Scotts Road
Singapore 228210


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