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Roosevelt's Diner & Bar is an all-day diner and bar that serves up a wide range of American-style dishes and drinks at affordable prices in an ambient setting. When we stepped into Roosevelt's we felt that we entered a diner in New York; with it's full length windows, industrial-chic interior and cozy ambience.

We were there at evening time and the restaurant was lighted up with warm, orange ceiling bulbs and candles were placed on every table. Patrons could truly feel relaxed and at ease in this warm environment. We also really liked that the furniture were nicely spaced out as it allows diners to have sufficient personal space to engage in conversations comfortably.

We got to find out that apart from dinner, Roosevelt's has an all-day dining and drinks menu; suitable for all ages, all occasions and anytime of the day. 

They have Brunch menu on weekends. On Sundays, you can opt for their free flow Champagne brunch at $55++ with any main ordered. To cater for families with children, they have the Kids' Menu as well. They have a wide variety of food choices ranging from light Sandwiches to main courses such as Steak and Ribs. With their extensive choices, I'm sure that there would be something for everyone! 

We got to find out that Roosevelt's pride themselves for their extensive Wine Menu. Apart from that, they also serve up a few types of Beer and cocktails. 

As both of us enjoy White Wine better than Red, we sampled all 3 of their Whites. The lightest of the three is the Blanc-Combard ($6 for 75ml) from France. It is slightly acetic with some fruity aroma. The next in line is the Sauvignon Blanc ($7 for 75ml) from New Zealand. It has a fruity taste and I feel is the least spicy wine of the three. The strongest is the Chardonnay, slightly woody with fruity flavours and a buttery note. 

My personal favourite of the three is the Sauvignon while Z's favourite was the Chardonnay. White wine pairs well with Seafood. We personally find the price of wine in Roosevelt's very affordable. It also comes served in 150ml as well as in bottle form. For those looking for something for higher quality bottles, they also have a collection of that. 

We tried the Lindeman's Fruit Beer that Roosevelt's carry. They also have Estrella and other fruit beers in their menu. 

Lindeman's Peach Beer ($11) is a favourite amongst ladies for it is light and sweet in nature. 

Lindeman's Peach Beer

Lindeman's Peach Beer
Our host, Amanda's favourite is the Cherry Beer. We find that Cherry is an acquired taste. So, for those who love Cherry, this would be the beer of choice. Similar to the Peach Beer, fruit beers are generally lighter in alcohol content and usually more popular amongst ladies.

Cherry Beer

We ordered the Garlic Prawns ($12) as one of our Side Dish. Roosevelt's sides range from $7-$12 each. We would love to try their other sides such as Truffle Fries and Fried Oysters the next time we are here. Z's favourite is the Garlic Prawns. She likes is so much that she had 2 servings. The prawns are evenly cooked with an aromatic garlic flavour. The prawns are crunchy whichI would prefer to the soggy ones. 

Garlic Prawns

Another side that we tried is their Jalapeño Bacon Mac and Cheese ($11). The Jalapeño flavour was really strong and it added a spicy note to the dish. What was different from Roosevelt's Mac and Cheese is that the added a layer of Bread Crumbs on it, which made the whole Mac and Cheese drier in nature. Personally, I would like the Mac and Cheese to be less dry.

Jalapeño Mac and Cheese


We tried their Popular Japanese Sesame Salad ($12) consisting of tofu, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and seaweed. We felt the winning point of this dish is the Seaweed. The Sesame sauce was also very light, making this salad a refreshing dish to start a meal. This dish is recommended for those looking for something healthy and tasty. 

Japanese Sesame Salad

We were also recommended their Truffle Fish Pie ($19). They fish pie had generous chunks of snapper coated with their signature beer batter. We really love the crust of the pie and the crispy crust went really well with the creamy contents of the pie. Personally, we would have liked the Truffle taste to be stronger. However, we also note that some people would probably enjoy this version better. I also really like that the dish was served piping hot out of the oven, making the pie outstanding in taste.

Truffle Fish Pie

Truffle Fish Pie
We also ordered Teddy's 100% Beef Burger ($20) that was quite raved about from other online reviews. They also have a Candied Bacon version for those who prefer something sweeter to contrast with the savoury beef patty. Teddy's patty is not as dense as other burger patties and makes it more chewy in texture. The whole burger is quite a huge portion and we feel is good for sharing.

We would love to try their other mains such as Baby Back Ribs and Steak in future! For the portion and quality of the food, we find the prices of the mains quite reasonable. 

After the mains, we ordered some other drinks to go with our desserts. Z chose the Elderflower Gin Fiz ($16) as recommended by the staff. She found the drink really refreshing and light. It is a suitable drink to pair it with some sweets.

Elderflower Gin Fiz

I was too tempted by the Milkshakes on the menu and decided to go for the Salted Caramel Milkshake ($8). It was really a huge cup and I could barely finish considering the amount of food that I had eaten. I got to say this is one of the better milkshakes I have tasted. It is not as sweet and does not have an artificial milk taste. Do try this if you are a fan of milkshakes.

Salted Caramel Milkshake
For our dessert, we ordered the Flourless Chocolate cake served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream as well as Mixed Berries and Apple Crumble also topped with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. I like that they pair their dessert with Ice Cream as it gives the desserts a balance. 

The Flourless Chocolate Cake was really rich. It was made of Dark Chocolate and dense in texture. I enjoyed the cake and would think that this will be a favourite amongst Chocolate lovers. The Mixed Berries and Apple Crumble is served with Granola and a handful of fruits. The Berries were slightly sour and complemented really well with the caramelised apple.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Mixed Berries and Apple Crumble
Overall, we feel that the desserts offered by Roosevelt's are really good for sharing as they are served in quite a generous portion.

Roosevelt's also have a lunch menu (11am-2pm) for those working in the area which comes with a free cup of artisanal coffee or tea with every order from the menu. For Roosevelt's full menu, you can click here

Overall, we had a good dinner, completed with great drinks, desserts and good company from our host, Amanda. We would like to extend our thanks to Roosevelt's for having us and hope to return to Roosevelt to try more items from their menu. 

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar 
331, New Bridge Road
#01-02 Dorsett Residences
Singapore 088764
(Located near Outram Park NEL Exit)

Telephone : 6538 3518
email :

FB: Roosevelt's diner&bar
Insta: @rooseveltsdinerbar
twitter: @rooseveltsdiner

Opening Hours:

Mon to Thurs 830am - 10pm(last order 930pm)
Fri and Sat     830am -  midnight (last order 1030pm)
Sun               830am - 10pm (last order 930pm)
Sun brunch   11am - 4pm(free flow housepour wines and bubbly brunch


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