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The Provision Shop is one of the cafes in Everton Park. I was quite piqued by the name of the place and thus was quite excited to visit it.  

The first thing that will catch your eye when you approach The Provision Shop is the row of small colourful chairs lined at the corridor. As you enter the place, you will see these colours on the wall; be it on paintings, on their furniture or their tableware. They give the place a vintage modern chic feel in contrast with the white and black-tiled walls. 

I like that the pictures on the wall and decor of the place is consistent with their vintage theme. Look around, and you will see that every painting is unique and exudes it's own character.

Picture on the wall

Vintage Lamp hung from the ceiling

I like how all the slightest details in the cafe are consistent with the theme of restaurant. 

We ordered a Long Black ($4) and Flat White ($5). The coffee was served in old school cups. We found the coffee quite aromatic. The coffee price is quite reasonable I would say. For non-coffee lovers, The Provision Shop also serve up alcoholic beverages such as beer and cider as well as non-alcoholic floats and teas. 

Long Black

Flat White
Belinda Perogis ($6) was chosen because it looked interesting from the menu. It is actually Polish dumplings filled with mashed potato and cheese. Something like a gnocchi or a tortellini. It is topped with sour cream, bacon and onions. If you would like extra toppings, you can add $1. This dish was served hot. Personally, I adore anything with cheese and thus, I quite like this dish. 

The Provision Shop also offers other hot food such as sandwiches, pastas and more. I think there is probably something for everyone.

Belinda Perogis
We tried their Blueberry Lemon cake ($6.50). It was topped with some icing on it. The cake is dense. I realised that some people enjoy their cake more airy and fluffy while others prefer it dense. Personally, I do enjoy this slice of cake as it was not too sweet and went well with coffee. They do have crepes too for those looking or something different.

Overall, I would say The Provision Shop scores in its ambience as well as it's consistency in theme. I guess service is something that can be brushed up on as a warm and welcoming service adds another pull factor to the cafe. 

Do share with us your favourite cafe haunts and food! :) 

The Provision Shop
Blk 3 Everton Park 
6225 9931 

Opening hours: Daily 11am-9pm


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