Wednesday, 28 May 2014

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2 loaves is a bakery that is nestled in the neighbourhood of Commonwealth. This unassuming small bakery offers an array of bakes such as cookies, cakes, banana bread and more. 

When we first stepped into this bakery, the displays on the counter placed in the centre of the shop were the first thing that caught our eyes. We really like how the cakes were delectably displayed as it really whets the appetite. The only thing about 2 loaves is that they did not have any seats available for patrons who wish to dine in. However, this might change in the near future as they have plans to add a few seats.

Bakes on Display 

We tried their Strawberry Cheesecake. It was really rich in flavour and moist. What I really liked was also the crust of the cheesecake that complemented really well with the cheese layer. The strawberry in the cake created balance to the cake.

Strawberry Cheesecake

We also tried the Banana Chocolate Loaf. They have other flavours such as S'mores as well as Chocolate base cake with banana fillings to cater to different preferences. The load wasn't too sweet which was good. It was quite dense and is definitely a loaf that is suitable for sharing.

Banana Chocolate Loaf

For takeaway, 2 loaves uses environmental-friendly paper boxes. I really like their boxes and it makes the cakes and loaf suitable as gifts.

We bought back green tea cookies as well. It was really good and addictive. Do give it a try when you visit 2 loaves!


Overall, we feel that 2 loaves is an unpretentious bakery that serves up good bakes. Do visit this place if you are in the area to try out their specials. They also accept orders for whole cakes and large orders. :)

Exterior of shop

2 loaves 
#01-388, 46-3 Commonwealth Drive

Contact: 92311400

Opening hours:
1030-2030 (Tues-Sat)
1230-2030 (Sun)
Closed on Mondays


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