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One question that came out when we told our friends we were going for a meatless dining food tasting was "Why would people opt for vegeterian when there are so many good food choices present in the world?" 

Indeed, I guess many people would find it hard to forgo their meat and seafood. This is more so when the common perception is that vegeterian food is all green with mock meat; tasteless and bland. So, when we were invited to Sufood, who too had our apprehensions. Gladly, these apprehensions disappeared as we ate through the dishes. 

Sufood is located centrally on the second level of Raffles City. When you step into Sufood, the dining area is of an open concept, where you can see the whole of the restaurant. It is lighted with warm lights, giving a relaxing and comfortable vibe. 

Interior of Sufood

Pretty Lights hung from the ceilings
For dinner, Sufood offers an 8-course Italian-inspired Vegetarian Menu priced at $25++ per person. You may tell the waiting staff if you would like it to be made vegan or lacto-ovo style depending on how strict your diet is. If you have a smaller appetite, you can order a la carte as well. 

Main courses are priced at $12.80 per course, starter or soup at $5.80, salad at $7.80 and dessert/drink at $3.80 per item. 

We were served with the Rosemary Breadsticks. You can choose whether you prefer the blueberry or mustard dip to go with it. Personally, I prefer mustard. The breadsticks are really addictive. It was served warm and goes really well with the slightly sour mustard dip. Instantly whets the appetite! 

Rosemary Breadsticks with Blueberry/mustard dip

The appetiser is a trio of poached Japanese Yuca root, stack of snowflake greens and cherry tomato jelly. We were told to eat the appetisers from the right to the left, from the lightest flavour to the strongest flavour.

The Japanese Yuca root on the right of the picture is drizzled with some Blueberry sauce. I normally eat Yuca Root during steamboat so it was quite a refreshing idea to eat it with blueberry sauce. The blueberry sauce was not too sweet and surprisingly complemented quite okay with the Yuca Root.

The stack of Snowflake Greens is specially imported into Singapore. According to the restaurant, it is a vegetable that cannot be found in Singapore. We really like the snowflake greens a lot. It was quite crunchy in texture and the flavour was good.

Water Snowflake Greens

The Cherry Tomato in Jelly was the strongest in flavour. The cherry tomato seems to have been soaked in vinegar before couple with the taste of the jelly - I would personally prefer eating the raw cherry tomato on it's own. Having said that, the slightly vinegarish taste made it quite appetising.

Cherry Tomato in Jelly

They have 4 different salad and 4 different soups that you choose from. We managed to try three out of the four salad. We did not try their fruit salad.

Summer Salad consists of 5 small pieces of cucumber, sweet potato, celery, cherry tomato and yellow bell pepper. You can did these in then thousand island sauce. It is also served with some carrot and celery sticks in a small cup, not seen in the photo below. We felt that the summer salad was refreshing but not a very out of the ordinary dish.

Summer Salad

Our favourite was the Mushroom Salad which I felt stood out from the three. It consists of mushrooms with some broccoli and garlic. The mushrooms were flavourful and the garlic and sauce accentuated the flavour. But well, if you are really looking for a green salad, maybe you might not want to choose this.

Mushroom Salad

The Green Salad was a bowl of mixed greens served with croutons and we chose caesar sauce. You can choose their sesame sauce if you prefer. Their caesar sauce and sesame sauce are both homemade. I find the greens fresh and the sauce good.

Green Salad

You will be served a small shot of Vinegar that helps you wash away some flavour of the salad so that you can fully appreciate the soups. We felt that the vinegar was slightly too strong the flavour and somehow overpowered our tastebuds.


We tried two soups out of the four available in the menu. We preferred the Cabbage and Sweet Potato Stew to the Pumpkin Soup. The Cabbage and Sweet Potato Stew was naturally sweet due to the ingredients used. Served hot, it was a natural pleaser. The Konjac root were crunchy but did not absorb the flavour of the soup. I would definitely choose this next time. 

Cabbage and Sweet Potato Soup

Pumpkin Soup was slightly disappointing as it was not as rich as we would have liked it. Nevertheless, what we like about their soups is that they were all tasted naturally flavoured. They shared that no MSG is used in Sufood's food. The chef found a replacement of it with a natural ingredient, Seaweed! Yum.

Pumpkin Soup

Here comes the mains which I was personally looking forward to! They have 10 mains that you can choose from - which is quite a good variety I feel! We tried three from the category as well. 

My personal favourite would be the Wild Mushroom Charcoal Tagliatelle. Tagliatelle is a thicker version of the linguine. One look at the dish, the first thing that comes across the mind would be Squid Ink Pasta! Well, it really looks like it doesn't it? The dish is surprisingly well flavoured. I think the key to the dish was the homemade dressing that lifted the flavour of the dish. The wild mushroom was lightly sautéed with olive oil and really resembles the texture of the squid.

Wild Mushroom Charcoal Tagliatelle

The Star Pizza first made it's appearance to the public on Sufood's breaking of the Guinness World Record of the most number of pizzas made in a day. The record was broken on the 27th May 2014 where pizzas are given free to the public and the public could choose to make a donation to the Pink Ribbon Project. The event was very successful and they exceeded the number of 3000 pizzas they were targeting at. 

If you have attended the event and eaten the Star Pizza, the one presented here in the restaurant is slightly different as they include cheese stuffings in the crust of the pizza. I would very much love it to be stuffed with Mozarella instead. The pizza is very appetising and really is a huge portion. We felt that it was suitable for two to share.

Star Pizza

We tried the Baked Potato Al Funghi. The Baked Potato was really delicious and creamy. It is topped with button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a layer of cheese. The Al Funghi which consists of King Oyster Mushrooms drizzled with vinaigrette was really tender and good. Personally, I love mushrooms and mushrooms that are well-flavored and cooked are a natural winner for me.

Baked Potato Al-Funghi

They have other exciting looking main courses like the Calzone, Casserole, Pita Pockets and more. We would love to try their other main courses in future!

They have a variety of juices and drinks, both hot and cold that you can choose from. The ones below are displayed during the event. From the left, was the drink that we ordered, the Ashitaba, which is made of Japanese Ashibata leaves, blended with Honey and Aloe Vera. It has aloe vera cubes in it. Next to it is the Passionfruit Calamansi drink, the Tropical (blended with tropical fruits) and the Very Berry (blend of blackcurrants and elderberries). 


They have four desserts to choose from. We chose the Osmanthus Flower Jelly which we don't have a photo on it. Basically, it is made from sweet maple syrup jelly infused with osmanthus flower. We felt that the osmanthus flower flavour was not strong and fragrant enough. But, it was definitely a refreshing and light dessert to end the meal. 

We also chose the Vanilla Ice cream with Hot Chocolate. Pour the hot chocolate over the vanilla ice-cream and you will get a coat of hardened chocolate on top of the ice cream. I pretty much liked this idea of the dessert. It was a simple dessert but quite fun to see make chocolate patterns on it.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate

The last dessert we tried is the Sesame Panna Cotta. I liked how smooth and silky the panna cotta was. The sesame puree on top of it complemented with the dessert so well. My only grouch was that I had hoped the walnuts to be plain instead of flavoured so that it does not snatch away the flavour of the panna cotta.

Sesame Panna Cotta

Overall, we had a great meatless dining experience at Sufood! I would recommend skeptics of meatless dining to try out new vegetarian eateries in Singapore that are like Sufood that are breaking out of the stereotypes of how vegetarian food are like. We would like to thank Oglivy PR and Sufood for inviting and hosting us for this event! We look forward to new dishes of Sufood in near future.

#02-19 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103

6333 5338

Opening hours:
11.30am-3.30pm (Lunch)
5.30pm-10pm (Dinner)


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