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Carvers & Co., is a new bistro that will be officially opening its doors this Sunday, 8th June. We were thus, honoured to be invited to try out this new place.

Carvers & Co. joins many new cafes and restaurants in the Katong/ East Coast road area. It is run by chef and fitness trainer, Sarah Lin. She was inspired by the cooking techniques and tradition through her farm stay in Southern Italy which was later fuelled by her own passion for cooking for friends through "supper clubs" and other events.

Exterior of Carvers & Co.

As we entered the restaurant, we realised that the space was actually quite small and cozy. It has a seating capacity of about 40 people. Furniture were arranged in a way that encouraged communal dining in groups. The interior was decorated with paintings, some shelves and the colours of the place made the place feel friendly and welcoming.


Paintings on the wall

Table decoration

Carvers' & Co. serve a range of drinks. The highlight would be their coffee. The coffee here are brewed with beans roasted by Common Man Coffee Roasters. You may also speak to the barista and staff to request for pour-overs featuring single origin coffee beans from reputable roaster around the world. These coffee are specially hand-picked by Carvers & Co. and vary from time to time.

If you are interested in learning more about coffee, they have coffee cupping sessions that welcome anyone to join on certain afternoons. Check out their Facebook page for more details!

We tried their Flat White which was aromatic and not too acidic. They offer other drinks such as craft beers, organic colas and wine for those who prefer something else.

Flat White

We tried one of the craft beers, called Palm beer which is a Belgium beer. The beer is supposed to go well with the candied bacon. They also recommend the Massachusetts Pale Ale (No.9) but it was out of stock for the night. 

We really liked the Candied Bacon which kind of taste like "Bakkwa". It is a good snack to go with some beer. The bacon is baked in honey and paprika which brings out the malty flavour of the beer, making it creamier.

Candied Bacon

Next up, is their signature brunch item, Truffled Egg-in-the-Hole Toast with Bacon Jam. It is usually served with Candied Bacon as well. Brioche bread is used in this dish where the centre of it has a hole where the pour in a fresh egg. The truffle taste was consistent and we felt sufficient. On the side, bacon jam is served atop a crouton. It was our first time tasting bacon jam and we really liked how the salty bacon was emulsified into a jam that had a balance of both sweet and salty flavours. 

Truffled Egg-in-the-Hole Toast with Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam

Another signature brunch item is the Peanut Butter & Banana Fench Toast. It is served with maple syrup and toasted walnuts. I felt that the edges of the toast were a little too burnt. Other than that, it was really a pleaser especially for those who have a sweet tooth. Really, banana and peanut butter makes a killer combination.

Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast

Signature Brunch Items

Carvers & Co. also prides itself with their signature hearty roast meats that can be enjoyed individually or ordered whole and shared. Their choice of roasts varies weekly. You can order their Carvers' Plate which consists of Gammon Ham and carvings of Roast of the Day served with caramelized onions and potato hash. Half a roast is usually at $80 for 4-6 people while a whole roast is at $150 for 8 to 10 people. 

Thyme and Rosemary Turkey with a Cider Glaze was served that night. Just look at how beautifully roasted it was! The skin of the turkey was glowing from its marinade.

Thyme and Rosemary Turkey with a Cider Glaze

The turkey was served with Creamy Mash and Caramelised Carrots.

Sides with Turkey

The Creamy Mash was really creamy, smooth and tasty. I'm sure it will be a popular side dish on its own.

Creamy Mash

Personally, I don't really like carrots when they are too raw because the raw carrot flavour is too overpowering for me. Mmmm, but, caramelised carrots are hard not to enjoy because they are sweet and crunchy! The raw flavour of the carrot is totally nonexistent.

Caramelised Carrots

The turkey skin was a favourite amongst the foodies present for it is one of the most flavourful part of the turkey. Turkey meat tends to be generally drier and tougher. We could taste some of the fragrance of the herbs used in the meat but, I felt could be made more tender. I wonder if a pairing of some homemade gravy and cranberry sauce might add more flavour?

Turkey meat

One of their other signature roast is Porketta with Crackling and Apple Chutney. Porketta, or otherwise also known as Porchetta is actually an Italian tradition where the body of the pig is emptied and arranged with stuffing and roasted. The porketta is seasoned with herbs such as garlic and rosemary. The crackling of the Porketta was the highlight as it so light, crispy and tasty. The meat is well-seasoned but I thought it could do with more moisture.


Porketta carved meat with Crispy Skin

Summer Panzenella is one of the two salads that Carvers & Co. offer currently. It is a  tuscan tomato and bread salad tossed with basil and fried capers. The addition of fried capers is not commonly found in salads but, I found it gave the dish a distinct sour and savory taste. 

Summer Panzenella Salad

We got to try their fries with garlic aioli and anchovies. It was an interesting combination of anchovies with fries. I thought it was refreshing pair and enjoyed the combination. 

Fries with Garlic Aioli and Anchovies

We felt the Wagyu Steak was the highlight for the night for us. The portion shown below is for 2. If I am not mistaken a portion for 2 is at $75. It really is a generous portion! I enjoyed the garlic and caramelized sides as they give a good balance to the red meat. The doneness was medium which we felt appropriate. It was done evenly and the meat was really tender. We would recommend this dish for all steak lovers! The price is also pretty reasonable for the quality and portion!

Wagyu Steak

Wagyu Steak
Last but not least, our tasting night ended off with Berries crumble served with Ice Cream! It was served hot and the sourness of the berries went well with the sweetness of the crumble and ice-cream.

Berries Crumble and Ice Cream

We would like to thank Sarah, Kimberly and the team for the invite. We gained some knowledge of coffee as well during the cupping session. We would love to visit Carvers & Co. again to try out their other items on the menu.

Carvers & Co. 

Opening Hours
Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am to 10pm (last orders at 9.30pm)
Brunch 10am to 2.30pm
Snacks 2.30pm to 6pm
Dinner 6pm to 9.30pm

43 East Coast Road
Singapore 428764

6348 0448 or


​Social Media
Instagram @carversco
Upcoming Promotions
Father’s Day (15 June) – Further details will be available at Carvers & Co. Facebook page


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