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When someone mention Scotts Square in Orchard, naturally one might think of Wild Honey or the Michael Kors that is situated there. Today, we have the pleasure to share with you another dining establishment in Scotts Square - Arossa Wine & Grill.

When we received the invitation to Arossa, we were attracted to the concept of the restaurant. Arossa prides itself for its grills that are flown fresh from Australia and New Zealand. They also have wines that are brought from all over the world to pair with their food on the menu. Another interesting fact about Arossa is that the chef, Chiaki Watanabe is actually the first Japanese woman chef in Singapore. 

As we enter the restaurant, it is alike stepping into a cozy European Restaurant. Yet, there is something modernistic about the whole place brought forward by it's open concept kitchen placed at the heart of the restaurant. We particularly like the full-length windows where you can dine and people watch at the same time.

Restaurant's Interior

Restaurant's Interior 

Dining Space overlooking Streets

Open Concept Kitchen 
Displays of Wine 

We were served some Focaccia with their special dip consisting of olive oil, garlic and anchovy. We liked the texture of the bread and it went really well with the dip. 

Focaccia with Dip

Our welcome drink for the night was Mojito ($15; 1-for-1 at $18). The freshly squeezed lime juice coupled with the fresh mint leaves made the Mojito a really refreshing drink. The glass that the drink was served in was also thoroughly chilled, making the drink constantly cold. 



For starters, we had the Oysters with Champagne Vinegar, Lemon (1pc at $8, 6pcs at $42 and 12pcs at $75). The oysters at Arossa are air-flown from Canada. They were really fresh. Unlike other oysters that are slightly on the mushy side, the oysters hear are pretty firm and succulent. The downside was the prices are on the steep side.

Freshly shucked oysters


We also tried their Proscuitto - 24 months aged parma ham with Dragon fruit ($25). It was quite a fare serving of ham. The Proscuitto is from the hind leg of a pig. The difference between a Proscuitto and Parma is that it is made from different regions of Europe. We found the Proscuitto really smooth and tasty. It is a starter good for sharing as I felt eating too many slices on my own would kill my appetite.

Proscuitto Ham with Dragon Fruit

The signature dish of Arossa is perhaps their steak. It was a pity that we could not try their Wagyu because it was out of stock. Nevertheless, we tried the USDA Ribeye ( 1 kg at $70 ). We opted for Medium doneness. We found the doneness slightly more on the Medium Rare side. The meat was really good with the charcoal-grill taste accentuating the beef's flavour. I like the cut of the steak as well. We felt for the quality and portion, it was quite worth it for the price tagged on it. 

Medium Doneness
Another signature dish on their menu was the Spanish Iberian Pork Loin ($38 for 200g). The meat looked similar to the steak just that the cut was thicker. We were told that the pork was raised akin to beef in Spain, which might possibly be the reason for the meat to be more tender. This is my personal favourite because the  way the pork is being cooked and served is not quite common.

Spanish Iberian Pork Loin

Their New Zealand Lamb Rack ($45) was part of their Seasonal Menu. Personally, I'm not a lamb fanatic because I do not like the certain lamb taste. The one served in Arossa only has a subtle tinge of that lamb taste that I don't like. This was good for me as I could savour the tender and juicy piece of meat. However, for those lamb lovers who might prefer their lamb with more of that unique lamb taste, then you might not enjoy this dish as much. 

Lamb Shank

The manager of Arossa introduced us a Malbec ($16 per glass) to pair with the meat. The Malbec is from Argentina and is a full-bodied wine. The wine is really rich in flavours on its own with its finishing clean and slightly oaky in taste. Arossa really offers an extensive wine collection. If you are lost by the myriad of choices, you can get introductions for pairing from the friendly staff.

We had some Truffle Mash Potatoes ($12) and Sautéed Asparagus ($12) for sides. the Truffle Mash Potato was an instant favourite as the Truffle taste was consistent throughout the mash. I like the slightly firmer texture of the mash as well. The Asparagus was cooked well, juicy, crunchy and fresh.

Truffle Mash and Asparagus

Awesome Truffle Mash
For desserts, we had their Tiramisu served with Sweet Mascarpone and Savoiardi Biscuit ($14). The tiramisu was really good, an instant melt-in-the-mouth dessert. It was light which makes it a good choice for dessert lovers even after a filled stomach. We also tried the Apple Tart served with Cinnamon Ice Cream ($14). I particularly enjoyed the crust of the Apple Tart and it went so well with the caramelised apples.


Apple Tart

Overall, we feel that Arossa serves up quality grills set in a great ambience. They also have private dining rooms for large groups. We would recommend this place for dates or for special occasions in the family. We hope to be back to savour their quality meat again! 

This coming Mothers' Day, Arossa is introducing a Mother's Day 3-course menu at $50++ per pax from 28th April to 11th May. The starters is Proscuitto-wrapped Sautéed White Asparagus followed by some selection of mains and Arossa's special Strawberry Mousse Cake. There is also a complimentary drink when you opt for their Mothers' Day menu. 

Official Arossa Mother's Day Poster

We would like to thank Arossa Wine and Grill and Publicist PR for hosting us. We really had a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience.

Arossa Wine & Grill
Scotts Square
(Nearest Mrt: Orchard)
8 Scotts Road
Singapore 228209


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