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Chang Thai (Bishan) | ThumbsForFood

For those staying around the north and looking for affordable and good Thai Food, here's a place that can be on your list! Chang Thai is a casual eatery nestled in Bishan. I got to know this place when my friend's friend invited me to go down to dine with them at this restaurant opened by her brother. 

Location wise, it is about 15 minutes walk from Bishan Interchange. Alternatively, you can take a bus  there as well. It's quite an inconspicuous restaurant lined beside a coffeeshop. 

Exterior of Chang Thai

Chang Thai consists of indoor and outdoor dining areas. The restaurant is simply decorated with warm lighting and patterned wallpapers. This place is quite casual and fuss-free. They have quite a huge seating capacity both inside and outside of the restaurant thus, quite suitable for families and large groups.

Interior of Chang Thai

We tried their Milk Green Tea and Thai Iced Milk Tea ($2.50 each). It was my first time seeing and trying Milk Green Tea. It was interesting in flavour, sort of like a tinge of jasmine in the drink infused with condensed milk. I felt that their Thai Iced Milk Tea was refreshing but, could do with a stronger tea aroma and less milk. Nevertheless, what is Thai Food without their drinks to complement?

Thai Milk Green Tea and Thai Iced Milk Tea

Another dish we tried is their Garlic Honey Chicken ($6 small; $8 for medium). For the price, I would say it is quite a generous portion. I felt that the dishes were generally quite a good portion for sharing. The Honey Chicken was  fried well and even. I felt the honey taste was appropriately sweet. I would love if it was a bit more tender and juicy as the meat was a tat bit dry.

Honey Chicken

The Green Curry Chicken ( $7 for small; $10 for medium) was good in my opinion! It was thick and rich. I guess the spices used in the curry made the curry especially aromatic and tasty. The Green Curry was served with chicken slices. They had this pea-like spice in the Green curry which does not taste good. Perhaps, some vegetables can be added into the dish to balance the meat in it.

Green Curry

We drank the Tom Yam Seafood Soup with chill paste ($7 for small; $10 for medium). They serve up clear base soup as well. The Tom Yam was really quite fragrant and good perhaps because of the ingredients they added to lift the flavour such as lemongrass and such. They added mushrooms and a generous serving of prawns and squid as well. I like that it was served piping hot and definitely whets the appetite!

Tom Yam Soup

The Prawn Cake ($6.80 for 3 pieces; $2 for additional piece) was one of my favourite dishes! The outside of it was crisp and golden brown while the insides had succulent prawn bits in it. I feel that it is quite tasty on it's own and don't really need to dip it into the sauce. Would love to try their fish cake next time round!

Prawn cake with Dip

Pad Thai ($6 for small; $9 for medium is another favourite amongst Thai Food lovers. I feel the Pad Thai here is quite authentic in flavour. Mix in the crushed nuts and chill flakes into this dish to get its full flavour. For those craving for some pad thai, do try this dish out at Chang Thai!

Pad Thai

Overall, the dining experience was quite positive. The food was served up quite fast and piping hot! Prices are also quite reasonable with no GST and Service Charge! I'm glad that there is a place for Thai food lovers in the north to visit and satisfy their Thai food cravings. We would like to extend thanks to the owner of Chang Thai for our meal. :)

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Chang Thai
Blk 151 Bishan Street 11
#01-195 S(570151)

Operating hours are:
Sun - Thu: 
11am to 2.30pm
5.30pm to 10pm

Fri - Sat:
11am to 2.30pm
5.30pm to 10.30pm

Contact: 9060 1038


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