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One of the benefits of having an off day on a weekday is that you'll be able to get to enjoy some Weekday Lunch Promotion! As we were in Sentosa, we decided to make our way to the recent popular destination in Singapore, Quayside Isle for a meal. 

If you do not drive, you can hop onto a Shuttle Bus from Beach station (with a frequency of 30mins) and take a walk to Quayside Isle from Sentosa Cove. After walking around the area, we decided to try out Cove Stadium as we were not only attracted to it's very cool sports-themed interior but, also it's lunch promotion. 

Entrance of Cove Stadium

We absolutely adore the interior of Cove Stadium with it's open and spacious interior, coupled with a clean modern industrial look. We could imagine how alluring it is at night especially for sports fans who would like to catch the latest matches with a group of friends.

Bar and interior


Full length panes, snookers table & comfy seats

They have Happy Hour from Mondays to Fridays from opening to 10pm. Besides that, they have other drinks promotion ongoing daily. You can visit their website here to find out more about their drinks promotions. We had a 1-for-1 draft Kronenbourg that day.

1-for-1 selected beers for Happy Hour

For their Weekday Lunch Deal, you can choose from 2 courses at $18 or 3 courses at $21. We went for the 3 course deal.

For starters, we chose the Salad over the Soup of the Day. The salad consisted of Greens served with some grilled pieces of chicken. We liked that the greens were fresh and the chicken well-marinated.

For mains, if I am not mistaken, you get to choose from some selected dishes. We chose the Bacon Spaghetti in Aglio Olio Style. We felt that the pasta was cooked well and well-flavored. However, our qualm would be that the ingredients were not as generous as we would like. 

Bacon Spaghetti in Aglio Olio style

Desserts wise, we chose the Strawberry Compote. The dessert was good. It wasn't too sweet yet preserving the natural flavour of Strawberry.

Strawberry Compote

For $21, we thought the lunch deal was really quite worth it. Moreover, prices are nett! 

We decided to try their Signature Cove Wagyu Burger. The presentation made the dish looked really appetising! It was served with some salad and a helpful of fries. We felt the patty was a tat too dry that day. I though adding some cheese into the burger will improve the overall flavour of the burger. For $38, we felt the price was a bit too steep. The portion was generous but, we didn't felt like the beef was really of quality.

Cove Wagyu Burger 

Generous portion (we feel good for two to share)

Overall, we felt that Cove Stadium's Lunch Deal was really good! Plus, their drinks promotion was really attractive as well. If you are with a large group, you may consider their bucket deals. A bonus to the place is that you can choose the al fresco seats to enjoy the beautiful quayside scenery! The food and drinks here are without any taxes as well. We would love to visit this place at night with a group of friends again!

Scenery of Quayside Isle

Cove Stadium
#01-04/05, Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove
31 Ocean Way

Monday to Thursdays: 12pm - 1am
Friday to Sunday: 12pm-2am


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