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Mooncake Festival 2014: Park Hotel City Hall | ThumbsForFood

Hi all, hope the long weekend has been good to you! We had the honour of being invited to the mooncake tasting event at Park Hotel last week. To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Park Hotel Group has come up with a title for their series of mooncake and gift sets: Treasures of Mid-Autumn. 

New flavours worth taking note include Golden Pumpkin with Mung Beans and Single Yolk, and a whole new line of sparkling snowskin jewels - Imperial Jade and Coconut TrufflePearly Lychee and Lychee, Golden Cognac Truffle and Royal Topaz with Nougat and Chocolate Pops

 Golden Pumpkin with Mung Beans and Single Yolk
The Golden Pumpkin mooncake is definitely my favourite mooncake of the night. Boasting a light and crispy golden pastry that is fried to just the right degree, the fragrant pumpkin paste contains just the right amount of sweetness. With mung beans that are high in fibre and protein, delicately blended with pumkin that is rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, this is a nutritious alternative for mooncake lovers looking for innovative creations fused with a touch of tradition. 

Golden Yam
To add a touch of luxury to this festival, Master Chef Chan and his team went the extra mile to debut a dazzling line of majestic jewels symbolising pearl, jade, gold and yellow topaz, encased in a velvety soft snowskin. 

The Imperial Jade and Coconut Truffle in Snowskin pairs fragrant pandan snow skin with a refreshing coconut swirl wrapped within a core of creamy chocolate shell. Primed to be a ladies' favourite, the Pearly Lychee and Lychee in Snowskin tempts with its sweetness and fresh lychees that is chewy with every bite while the Golden Cognac Truffle in Snowskin exudes fruity notes from the premium cognac. Fusing both Asian and Western flavours with a burst of playfulness, the Royal Topaz with Nougat and Chocolate Pops in Snowskin will excite with that delightful crunch that will bring back fond, heartwarming childhood memories. 

Golden Cognac Truffle in Snowskin 

Royal Topaz with Nougat and Chocolate Pops in Snowskin
For those of you who are looking to gift mooncakes during this festival, you can alsotake a look at Park Hotel's Mid-Autumn Treasure Gift Sets. They have the premium Imperial Mid-Autumn Treasures Gift Set ($128 nett) which pairs 4 baked Sparkling Gold Honey White Lotus Seed Paste with Bird's Nest, Walnuts and Cranberry with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne (375ml). 

The Royal Mid-Autumn Treasures Gift Set ($75 nett) accords a selection of 4 baked mooncakes paired with a bottle of Bottega Gold Sparkling Wine (200ml). Personally, I feel that this gift set is quite value-for-money yet presentable. 

These gift sets are available in limited quantities and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Golden Jade with Duo Nuts (Vegetarian). I am surprised that their traditional mooncakes are not too sweet for me. If you have read my previous post about Marina Mandarin mooncakes, you would know that I love mooncakes with nuts. This is a perfect combination for me.

White Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Nuts (Low Sugar). These flavoursome treats are created with less sugar and is suitable for those who are watching their sugar intake but still wish to savour the mooncakes the way they should be.
Moreover, there are no added preservatives or artificial flavouring which makes the mooncake a healthier option!

White Lotus Seed Paste with double yolk

Staff putting up the decorations for the night

Name Calligraphy

The attractive point about the mooncakes from Park Hotel is definitely the unique flavours available. I am a fan of snowskin mooncakes and I love all their flavours, especially the Royal Topaz Nougat and Chocolate Pops in Snowskin. But, I will definitely recommend the Golden Pumpkin with Mung Beans and Single Yolk to pumpkin lovers out there who want to try something different!

For those of you who are interested to stock up mooncakes for the upcoming festival, you can now enjoy discounts when you quote “Thumbs For Food” via email mooncake@parkhotelgroup.com or call 6432 5555 only. Collection can be done via Grand Park City Hall, Grand Park Orchard and Park Hotel Clarke Quay.

Until 31 July 2014
25% off total bill and receive
a $20nett F&B voucher if you spend $65nett worth of mooncakes
or a $40nett F&B voucher if you spend $120nett worth of mooncakes

1 August to 8 September 2014

15% + 5% off total bill and receive
a $20nett F&B voucher if you spend $65nett worth of mooncakes
or a $40nett F&B voucher if you spend $120nett worth of mooncakes

Terms & Conditions for the vouchers :
a. F&B vouchers are redeemable for dine-in only at Grand Park City Hall (Indulge at Park, Park Palace, The Bar at Coleman, The Deli)
b. These vouchers cannot be combined and only 1 voucher can be used per table.
c. Can be used in conjunction with Indulgence, Park Gold, credit card promotions and other privileges.
c. No minimum spend required for the usage of vouchers
d. This voucher is not exchangeable for cash or in-kind
e. This voucher is only valid with the hotel’s stamp and authorised signature.
Voucher is to be presented before paying the bill
Vouchers are valid till 14 November 2014

Note: If you order before 31st July, collection can be arranged anytime before 8 September!

Have a great week ahead!


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