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Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant x Hup Seng Duck Rice (Sin Ming) | ThumbsForFood

I think many Teochew food lovers would have heard of Ah Orh since it has been around since long time ago. I was introduced to this place by my uncle who found the dishes at Ah Orh authentic and good. There is one Ah Orh in Bukit Merah and one in Sin Ming. We went to the one in Sin Ming. 

Apart from Ah Orh in the one at Sin Ming, there was also the famous Braised Duck from Hup Seng Duck Rice. As we were there for the other dishes at Ah Orh, we ordered half a duck as one of the dishes. It has been quite sometime since I've eaten impressive braised duck. The one from Hup Seng was super tender and flavourful. Definitely a must try for braised duck lovers!!! 

Heard that the Salted Vegetables Duck Soup is super good too! Will love to try it next time round. 

Braised Duck from Hup Seng 

It was my first time trying out Crayfish fried with Onions and eggs. Super fragrant. It's the dry sort with no gravy. But, it was really good! The egg had the wok hei taste. The flesh of the crayfish was awesome fresh and succulent! Love it. 

Crayfish fried with inions and eggs

One of the famous dishes in Ah Orh is the Teochew cold crabs. The crabs ar boiled and placed in the fridge for some time before they are served. The highlight is the "gao" of the crab. I read that the "gao" is actually not the roe of the egg but this crab is actually double shelled and it is formed when the crab is shedding one layer of shell. Hmmmmmm... Interesting. I totally loved it. I think the best way of eating seafood is in it's natural flavour like that!

Cold Crab

Lala was quite good as well. The lala served in Ah Orh was the large sort where you can really see substantial meat in it. Really fresh.


My personal favourite is the Oysters Omelette. Firstly, I love oysters. The oysters here is unlike the others I've eaten at other Tzi Char stalls. The oysters are so fresh that even my cousins who don't usually eat oysters loved it. The egg- was fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. The fire control must have been awesome! I like how the oysters were placed atop the egg rather than fried with it because it would have been a waste to cook such good oysters.

Oyster Omelette

Teochews love their Prawn Rolls and so do I! The ones here are really delicious hmmm, but I don't know whether I would say it's the best in Singapore. Do let me know where your favourite prawn rolls are from.

Prawn Roll

We actually also ordered Steamed Pomfret (I think it cost about $70-80) as seen below. It is the best steamed pomfret I've eaten thus far. The fish is so fresh without even a small hint of fishy taste. The gravy or rather soup was totally impressive. I could slurp the whole bowl down literally. It complemented the fish so well. Totally brought steamed fish to a different level. I guess the freshness of the fish attributed to a large part of the success of the dish. 

I wasn't able to capture the individual photos of the Prawn Paste Chicken and Nai Bai Vegetables. I think these two dishes are quite mediocre and not very impressionable as well. Always good to have vegetables on the table though!

Dishes of the day

Overall, I think Ah Orh really serves up really fresh seafood and authentic Teochew dishes. If you are a die-hard Teochew dish fan, do try Ah Orh out and let me know whether it met your expectations! :)

Hup Seng Duck Rice
Blk 22 #01-258 Sin Ming Road Singapore 570022

Tel: 6454-3810Mondays to Fridays: 9am-2.30pmSaturdays & Sundays: 9am-1.30pmClosed on Thursdays

Ah Orh Seafood

Blk 22 Sin Ming Road#01-258Singapore 570022For bookings: 94878150, 94878110
Opening hours:
11am 2.30pm5.30pm - 9.30pm


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