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Okay I'm a chicken rice fan so I have pretty much tried all the famous/popular chicken rice in Singapore. This is one of the nearest to my house so I shall share this with you guys first!

Personally, I am very particular about the rice as I feel that not every chicken rice store can achieve the nice and fragrant rice taste. However, the standard of the chicken rice at the store is not really the best you can taste in Singapore. The rice is more on the plain side, without the fragrance that will make you want to eat the rice all by itself.

This is it! They sell porridge as well, not bad if you want something different to go with your chicken. 

 Chili, Black Soya Sauce, Ginger Sauce

Raw fish slices. $6.00 I was quite apprehensive towards eating raw fish slices with my chicken rice at first. But, since this is heavily recommended by people, I reckon it would not hurt to try this. Of course, I'm glad I tried it. This is really yummy. There is absolutely no fishy taste and it is marinated to the right extent, with lime, chili, parsley, spring onion. A must try if you dare to eat the raw fish slices!

Half a chicken $ 12.00. Of course, the main dish is the chicken. I like the sauce, but it may be a little on the salty side. The chicken is tender however, I find the skin not that well done and the chicken is on the fatty side. Personally, I like to savour the skin of the Hainanese Chicken Rice so nice skin is important to me! 

Vegetables $3.00. Pretty much a normal vegetable dish to go with the sinful chicken meal!

The rice.

Some coconut juice will be good to go along with your chicken rice!

Overall, I think this is worth eating if you are near the vicinity! Definitely worth the price. 

Our ratings of Sin Kee: 7/10

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice
Blk 159 Mei Chin Road
Mei Chin Food Centre
11am to 8pm
Closed on Mondays


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