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Actually, I've been to Tao's a couple of times already. I fell in love with it the first time I tried the restaurant. So I shall share my experiences there with you people!

Tao's is a fusion of Western and Asian food and comes in a 6 course/ 7 course set menu. It is famous for its set menu concept of "One price, one menu, many selections". Perhaps this is what attracted me. The meal is definitely filling and there are pretty much variety.

Dinner -- $35.80
Lunch -- $25.80

In case you are wondering, the dinner menu is pretty much similar to the lunch menu. The only difference would be the oyster mushroom. So, if you are free for lunch and want to try Tao's, why not take the cheaper alternative!

Plum ice blended. They serve this to us once we got seated. Definitely nice to have something to drink while you think about your dinner/lunch choices.

Starter -- Bacon & Mushroom Gratin  This is definitely a huge factor that pulls me back to the restaurant. I love the gratin. It is really cheesy so if you are a cheese lover, you will love it too! Of course, it will be too sinful for it to be eaten by itself. So, there is bread to go along with this yummy dish! The bread is really addictive with the gratin. But, beware to not stuff yourself with too much bread. This is only the starter!

Salads -- Thai Style Topshell Cold Noodles. I think this is pretty nice as I like the topshell. The dish comes with a tinge of sourness which opens your appetite for the other dishes!

Salads -- Huai San & Tofu. If you prefer something lighter, you can consider this. The huai san is crunchy and light, topped up with the soft tofu by the side. 

Teas. I would definitely recommend the Iced Rose Apple Tea. But, no harm trying the others! All pretty nice. 

Grilled Seasonal Mushroom. I'm quite a fan of mushrooms so this dish is good for me. But, I would say nothing extraordinary about this. 

Soups -- Cream of Mushroom. This is my classic choice and I would say it is the best choice among the others. 

Main course -- Sirloin Steak with brown mushroom sauce. Other than on one occasion where I tried the  BBQ Pork Ribs, I think I have stuck to this for all my other times at Tao's. The taste is pretty good, and considering the high price of steak at most places, I find it pretty worthwhile to satisfy my cravings for the red meat here. 

Main course -- Tao's Signature BBQ Pork Ribs. I must say my first and only experience at this wasn't too great which resulted in me avoiding this dish. It was ordinary and it felt like something I could get out of the hawker centre so it did not appeal to me. 

Dessert -- Creme Brulee. The classic favourite of many people. I feel that this is the best choice and how wrong can Creme Brulee possible go right? 

Dessert -- Brownie with ice cream. Pretty much your everyday brownie with ice cream by the side. Nothing fascinating, but not bad if you happen to be craving for some brownies!

There are several other options for each course. I would say Tao's is definitely a place for friends or family as the 7 course dinner/lunch would be a good time to catch up and hang out! 

Our ratings of Tao's: 8/10
Must Tries: Bacon and Mushroom Gratin, Iced Rose Apple Tea, Sirloin Steak with brown mushroom sauce, Creme Brulee.

Tao's Restaurant
1 Selegie Road
PoMo #B1-19
Singapore 188306


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