Tuesday, 16 October 2012

93 degreesC Coffee (Telok Blangah) | ThumbsForFood

With the recent craze in cafes around the city, it is really hard to find a nice and peaceful cafe where you can chill with a cup of coffee and slice of cake. 93 degrees C is a place to go if you are looking for such a deal. It is located within walking distance to Harbourfront train station and just at the foot of Mount Faber Hill.

It is said that 93 degrees is the optimal temperature to make the perfect coffee, giving rise to the name of the cafe. 

I had the Salted Creme Latte $5 which was really nice. It is something different from the normal coffees served in other cafes. The selection of coffee there is pretty good. I will definitely return to try the other flavours, such as the Tiramisu Latte.

In addition, they have the Siphon Coffee (a vacuum coffee maker that works on the principle of expansion and contraction of gas). 

The selection of the coffee beans for the Siphon Coffee. 

Siphon Coffee

If you enjoy drinking black coffee, have a try at their Siphon Coffee! It is not something that is available in every cafe. 

What can be better than being in the company of a cup of freshly brewed coffee and your favourite book on a Sunday afternoon? 

Our ratings of 93 degreesC: 9/10

93 degreesC Coffee
16 Morse Road No. 207
Singapore 099228

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 1100-1900
Closed on Wednesdays
Sat-Sun: 0800-1800

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