Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Tastings Room (Marina Square) : Restaurant Week 2012 | ThumbsForFood

The past week has been a sinful week, with the Restaurant week being in place. Other than The Tastings Room, we have also been to Absinthe. Even though both serves French food, The Tastings Room pale in comparison to Absinthe.

4 course dinner set at $35++

Starters: White Truffle Salted Fries. This tasted pretty normal, nothing much to rave about.

Soup: Seafood Roasted Tomato Puree Soup. I would very much prefer mushroom soup to Tomato soup but this tasted alright as well. However, it was served cold. It would be better if the soup was heated up a little more. There were prawns and squid too.

Main course: There were two choices for the main course

1. Confit of French Duck Leg. This was the better between the 2 choices. The skin was crispy and the duck meat was quite flavourful as well. However, for these standard, I believe that there will be a cheaper alternative. Await our post on Saveur for more affordable French food! 

2. Slow Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks. This was a disappointment. It tasted more like a normal beef stew. The taste of the beef was so overpowering that I could not finish the meat. 

 Desserts: Similarly, there were 2 choices for the desserts as well.

1. Gâteaux au Fromage. This was the best amongst all the 4 courses. The cheesecake was really soft. I love the texture so much! The raspberry sauce by the side complimented the cheesecake well too.

 2. Tiramisu. This did not suit our tastebuds as the tiramisu was overly soaked in coffee liquor and was a little too bitter for our liking.

The setting of the restaurant is rather casual. The food is not the best you can find. But, look out for their drinks promotion! 

Our ratings of The Tastings Room: 5.5/10
Must tries: Gâteaux au fromage

The Tastings Room
6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square
#01-08 Singapore 039594

To make reservations: (65) 6338 1829


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