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Omakase Dinner at Nagomi (Cuppage Plaza) | ThumbsForFood

Located at one corner on the 2nd level of Cuppage Plaza, Nagomi is a hidden gem that you do not wish to miss! A small establishment for about 20-30 sitters, it was fully packed when we arrived.

Nagomi is an Omakase restaurant, which means “I’ll leave it to you” in Japanese; the selection of food is up to the creativity of the chef and the freshest ingredients he/she has on hand. However, the chef will ask if you have any preferences or restrictions before whipping up the dishes. The staff in the restaurant is very friendly and professional, making you feel like home as the chef works his brain juice to cook up a feast for you.

We started with some appetizers of white radish and pork which helped to ease our hunger after a long day at work. This worked out to be a flavourful combination with a tinge of sweetness from the radish and salty meaty taste from the pork.

We had Japanese tomatoes as starters. Trust me, these tomatoes are extremely sweet, firm and succulent, unlike those you buy off NTUC or Cold Storage. I never liked tomatoes but I cleared the plate without hesitation! They do not have the raw tomato taste which I hated very much, and are not soft to the bite, so much so that we felt they tasted more like a fruit than a vegetable. The sea salt and mayo further enhance the flavour which I felt was a unique way to enjoy this dish.

Sashimi platter was very fresh. I heard the chef imported them all from Japan 4 times a week and that explains the quality and freshness! A bite of these delicious fish meat gives you the most wonderful taste of the sea, making you feel like the fish was just caught an instance ago and prepared right away. There’s a selection of sea urchin with seaweed, tuna belly, yellowtail, silverfish, striped horse mackerel and scallop.

Fried fish with salt and yuzu - served hot and crunchy

This was one of the highlight - Braised Kurobuta (Black Pig) belly. It was well marinated, soft yet firm. The meat and its sinful fats really melt the moment it ends up in your mouth. Oh the decadence! The vegetables that came with it were crunchy and it goes well with the meat, mopping up the oily fats of the meat so that you won’t feel so “jelat”. 

Takabe shio yaki - The whole fish was salt grilled at the right temperature and duration. The flesh was soft and sweet.

This was also one of our favourites! Tender grilled, medium prepared Wagyu beef with shio dipping sauce. 

The last dish was a small bowl of congee. First glance, it looks like any ordinary congee but we were wrong. It was well simmered with egg and chicken in it.

Our dessert was a slice of Japanese rock melon. We all know that 1 rock melon cost a bomb at the supermarket. Every piece was bursting with sweetness. Wish I could have another slice!

The whole meal costs $130++ per person. You can inform the chef beforehand if you have a budget in mind and he will vary the number of dishes for you.

All in all, I truly enjoy the whole experience. If you are looking for a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, Nagomi is a place you might want to consider.

Our ratings of Nagomi: 9.2/10
Must Tries: Everything… Just leave it to the chef=)

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant
5 Koek Road
#02-22 Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 6732 4300

Mon - Sat: 1800 - 2400

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