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Vintage Delicafe (Bussorah Street) | ThumbsForFood

To satisfy my Muslim friends who are looking for new food hunts, we made our way to the much raved about and new Vintage Delicafe.

When we arrived there at 6.45p.m, the seats indoors were almost filled. It is quite a small restaurant with limited seating capacity of about less than 50 seats both indoors and outdoors, thus we were lucky to have a table for 2. So, be sure to make reservations if you're going there during meal times to avoid having to wait for a long time.

They served glass bottled ice water ($1.50 a bottle) as seen in the photo below if you request for iced water. They have quite a lot of variety for drinks as well ranging from flavored drinks that goes at $2 a cup (choce of sparkling or non-sparkling), soda drinks, coffee ($3 -$7.50 iced/hot) and flavored tea ($4 a [ot) from Twinnings and Teardrops respectively. My friend ordered a cup of Orange and Peach Sparkling ($2) flavored drink. They gave her extra water to add in case it tasted too sweet for her liking. I drank a sip and I got to say it is really very refreshing, especially on a hot, humid day.

Orange & Peach Sparkling Drink
For starters, we chose Calamari Rings ($7.50). They have other starters ranging from $4 to $14.90 for Supreme Platter. Be warned, starters and side dishes should be on a sharing basis because the portion is really quite huge considering that you still have a main course to yourself. For Calamari Rings, it is served hot. And, I got to say I really liked that it was fried to perfection. The batter is not too thick such that it overpowers the squid flavor. The squid is fresh which makes it juicy.

Calamari Rings
As we were waiting for our main courses to be served, we looked around the place and saw that they had interesting decor in the restaurant. The main color of the furniture is white. They made use of the plates, cups, and floral decorations to bring out the vintage feeling. Even the chairs were made out of wood and have vintage floral patterns on them. It seems that the owner put much thought and effort into decorating the whole place to bring out its theme.

Fish and Chips ($11.90) was chosen as we had cravings for some western fried food. Dory fish is complemented with salad, fries and Mango Tartar Sauce. The portion is really huge. The batter that they used seems similar to the ones used to fry the Calamari. What was good was that the Fish and Chips were not over-fried such that it became too dry. The batter was also not too thick. You can refer to the photo below to see the proportion of batter-to-meat. I really appreciate that the fish was juicy and fresh. I feel that it is value-for-money as for the price, the portion and quality is really worth it.

We also ordered Black Pepper (Beef) Linguine ($15.90). They allow you to choose the type of pasta you would like. As, my friend and I are fans of Linguine, we chose that. Point to note: If you DO NOT LIKE CAPSICUM, please do request it to be left out from this dish. For me, I enjoy eating capsicum and I got to say that the capsicum went very well with the whole dish. This is not an Aglio Olio, so, the Black Pepper Sauce was in good proportions to the serving. They allow you to choose the spiciness level for your pasta dish. For us, we chose level 1. My friend found that level 1 was already too spicy for her liking, but for me, I felt that it was just nice.

We had a hard time finishing our main courses due to the big portion! We wanted to try their Tiramisu for dessert, but was too full to do so. The business is run by a family and thus, dining there really feels very homely.

Overall, I feel that Vintage Delicafe serves unpretentious homely comfort food. I will come back to try their other dishes such as their grilled food and their Aglio Olio. When I left, the friendly staff asked me for some feedback, and I said that it was great portions and homely food. He quipped that it is indeed that they serve in huge portions and would be best that I go with a hungry stomach. 

For affordable comfort food, I think Vintage Delicafe is worth your try! 


Our take on Vintage Delicafe: 8/10
Must Tries: Fish and Chips, Pasta

66 Bussorah Street
6297 9591

Love, Y

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