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For Mid-Autumn Festival we decided to treat ourselves to a good meal of crab! So, we decided to visit Keng Eng Kee Seafood at Queensway. 

It is situated opposite of Queensway Shopping Centre and occupies more than half of the coffee shop. During dinner time, almost all tables were occupied. They have an indoor seating with air-condition which requires reservations. Prices are the same regardless indoors or outdoors. As such, it is recommended that you make a reservation if you have a large group and wish to dine comfortably indoors.

As you know tzichar in Singapore allows three different sizes (small, medium, large), to suit the number of diners. As we have 8 people, we ordered medium size for everything. First up, soup - Lao Wang Gua Tang (Old yellow melon soup) ($8). I'm not really a soup person. According to others at the table, the soup was not bad as the yellow melon's flavor permeated the soup. If you are a soup person, you would most probably enjoy it. The price is reasonable for the taste.

Next, Coffee Pork Ribs (Ka Fei Pai Gu) ($18). I feel that the serving was really decent. All of us could at least 2 pieces. I feel that the meat is not bad. Pork, if overcooked will be too hard. As such, I feel that it was cooked well done. The coffee sauce? I think it is not bad, not too sweet and overpowering. Personally, I think it's worth a try.

The Yam Ring ($20) was not worth it. It was rather disappointing. My friend quipped that the yam was not fragrant enough and it was too dry. As I am not a fan of the dish as well, I guess we won't be ordering that next time.

Vegetables ($8). Okay, I admit I am really poor at distinguishing the different vegetables. For the one in the picture it is called (Buo Cai). It is not overcooked and overall i would say average for vegetables. THey do have other vegetable choices like Kai Lan or Kang Kong, e.t.c. You can also ask the lady boss for vegetable of the day which is not reflected in the menu.

Here comes the HIGHLIGHT of the day - CRAB. We ordered Chili Crab and Creamy Salted Egg Crab. Crab is seasonal price ($38 per kg on that day). Do ask the price before your order if you would like to. Like any tzichar placr, you can choose the gender and size of crab according to your liking. Personally, I really love the female crabs for their egg underside their shell. It's so yummy though it's like uber high cholesterol.

Tastewise, the chilicrab added too much ketchup. It wasn't spicy enough but personally I liked the way the crab egg is infused into the sauce. I guess I wouldn't say that the chili crab is VERY nice but I guess it's average. The Creamy Salted Egg Crab, on the other hand, has too little sauce! The taste was not bad but the sauce was so sparse that we could hardly dip the mantous (plain buns).

Speaking of mantous (plain buns), they do not serve fried  golden brown ones which I personally love when eating with chili crab. They serve big, steamed ones. I have to say it's not bad with fluffy texture. However, for me, I still prefer fried small buns. I can't remember the exact price of the mantous, but they are less than a dollar each. If you're eating chili crab, it is a must!

Oh, and we ate a plate of tofu (Jia Xiang Tofu), with minced meat on top of their homemade tofu. I forgot to snap a picture of it. Well, I guess it's nothing to rave about, quite the average taste for tofu.

Overall, our take on Keng Eng Kee: 7/10
Must Tries: Coffee Pork Ribs, Creamy Salted Crab 

For the price of the food, I feel that it is worth trying if you're in the area. It is good for large groups to eat and we even saw a group celebrating their grandma's birthday. Like I said earlier, it would be good to make reservations if you have a large group and is celebrating an occasion. Enjoy!

Restaurant Details:
Blk 124 Bukit Merah Lane

Tel: 6272 1038
Open daily 11.30a.m.-1.45p.m ./ 5.00p.m. -10.45p.m.

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