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Baker & Cook (Hillcrest Road) | ThumbsForFood

Since we were exploring the Bukit TImah Area, Baker & Cook was one of the must-try places that we heard so much about! Do visit our posts on Societe Canteen and Cupcake Engineer situated nearby in Cluny Court as well. 

We were pretty excited when stepping into Baker & Cook as we were greeted by so many varieties of brread, pies, cookies, cakes, tarts, salads, quiche, e.t.c. There was just simply too much variety that we can choose from! They even have a Brunch and Lunch menu that you can choose from!

Large variety to choose from!

Salads and quiches on display (All below $10)

Tart selection ranging from $5 to $7

Bread Selection (Less than $10

Cakes (Sold whole/slices)

Meringues ($4.50)
We were so overwhelmed by the selection they have that we took awhile to settle down and make our choices.

Look pass their glass panel and you'll see the bustling kitchen! It makes me feel comforted that the food served is fresh from the oven when I look into their kitchen where they are making new pastries, bread and tarts.

Baker & Cook's kitchen
They have an indoor and outdoor seating. Indoors, you get to enjoy the aircon while having a cuppa and some food. Outdoors, there is a different kind of feel. No worries about the heat outdoors as they do have fans whirling above your heads. And yes, they have a self-serve counter with iced water.

Indoor seating

Outdoor Seating
When you're outside, do take note of some of their writings on the wall about baking. They can be rather interesting. Makes me feel like being a baker so that I can enjoy the joy that they describe!

Having heard much about their Lemon Curd Tart ($4.90), we decided to give it a try! It really is one of the best lemon curd tarts that I have tasted. It is not too sour and the lemon curd went perfect with the crust which was perfect in its thickness. A must-try if you're there!

Lemon Curd Tart: $4.90
If you're ordering bread, they have some homemade jam that you can spread on your bread and enjoy!

Jam that is placed on the table to go with bread
We ordered Eggs Benedict (about $17). I really like the bread that they baked themselves as it went well with the eggs and the smoked salmon combination. The Hollandaise Sauce was not too overpowering and I found it appropriate. What I found strange was that the food was served in takeaway paper boxes instead of plates even though we were eating in.

Eggs Benedict
We also ordered a Tartine (about $16) served on their famous Pain Miche Bread, lightly toasted. Being a fan of Smoked Salmon, we chose that along with cream cheese and spring onion spread. It was so yummy as the bread was lightly toasted, it went well with the cream cheese and salmon. I guess I would try something else next time!

Tartine with Smoked Salmon 

Overall, we enjoyed our time at Baker & Cook, chilling and sharing some food items. I would definitely want to be back to try their other selections available! It is a good place to chillout and catch up with friends!

Baker & Cook
77 Hillcrest Road
Singapore 288951

6469 8634

Operating Hours: 
Sun-Thurs: 7am to 8pm
Frid- Sat: 8am to 10pm

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