Wednesday, 9 January 2013

ThumbsForFood Special Project: Strawberry Cheese Lovette

For Christmas 2012, the people behind ThumbsForFood (which is us!) had an idea to make dessert cups. And, so we did, enthusiastically created Strawberry Cheese Lovette. It's inspired by Jelly Hearts. 

What is Strawberry Cheese Lovette? 

It is a dessert actually made up of 5 different yet awesome layers. For our very first layer, the base layer, we made it with healthy digestive biscuits. The second layer is basically the cheese layer which makes up the bulk of the dessert. The cream cheese layer is freshly made with good quality cheese. The third layer is the sponge cake layer where we bake our own spongecake to add a different texture. Then it would be topped again with the second layer of cream cheese. Fourth layer is strawberry where we place a fresh-cut strawberry followed by the fifth layer, strawberry jello. 

We did a soft launch amongst our friends and colleagues who tasted our creations. There were many praises for this dessert which encouraged us to share it with our ThumbsForFood readers. 

So, dear readers, please look out for updates regarding this Special Project as we are considering to sell this creation to more people soon! 

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