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I was really excited to try the food at A for Arbite as I had previously tried the food at Arbite (Serangoon Gardens) and was impressed with their food menu. You can read our post on Arbite at Serangoon Gardens here! You should definitely try their Green Tea Fettuccine with Smoked Duck!

"Bringing dining back to basics, good food and great company." That is the philosophy behind Arbite at Serangoon Gardens. Upon reaching A for Arbite, our instinctive reaction was to compare the two outlets; in terms of the restaurant design and the food served and the overall concept. To be honest, we were expecting this new restaurant to be of a similar concept to Arbite at Serangoon Gardens. It was only after talking to the owner of the 2 shops that we got to better understand the difference between the pioneer branch and A for Arbite. 

"Play, that's what A for Arbite is all about." 

A for Arbite is designed to bring its diners back to their schooling times. Once I stepped into the place, I was greeted by the bright colours of the furniture. Personally, I felt that the layout of the place was good in the sense that it made me feel like I had space. The tables are not squeezed together and there was a decent amount of space between different groups of diners. The place is also big! I would definitely visit this place again if I have big group outings with my friends or family. Long tables are available which makes it all the more convenient for big groups of diners.

Well, what is the key difference between the two restaurants? A for Arbite brings in the concept of food and drinks pairing which is not a common sight in the local dining scene. Pairing food with a suitable drink can very well enhance your dining experience. Of course, taste and enjoyment are very subjective and what may be a perfect pairing for one may not be so for another. Marc shared with us his philosophy about being able to savour good quality food with your companions while having a drink. It is true that sometimes, we might be too caught up with the idea of grabbing a convenient dinner/lunch that we have neglected the aspect of appreciating the food and the company.

The concept here is similar to a tapas concept, so the servings are small. The server recommended 3 dishes per person on average for dinner. I love to try a variety of food so I always have the habit of ordering a few dishes and trying them out with friends & family. This tapas concept is really food for sharing and trying out different dishes!

A for Arbite brings in Belgium craft beers and we got ourselves two of their more popular beers to try! We had the Estaminet & the Lindamans Peach beer. Both was good but for ladies who might want a drink on the sweeter side, you can consider the Lindamans Peach beer which was really good!


Yuzu Mojito. This is probably a drink that you would have to try for yourself! We really liked it a lot when we had it. A note of warning: One cup will probably not be enough! 

Green Tea Spaghettini $7. Well, if you are looking for handmade pasta, you should definitely try this.

Beef Onglet Tataki $6. I really liked the combination of taste you can get, especially the tinge of seseme oil taste.  The beef is raw on the inside which makes it all the more interesting! Try it if you are feeling a little adventurous [:

Jar of Duck $19.5. This dish puts together chopped duck meat, foie gras, black truffle, roasted grapes with cream crackers. Doesn't it sound appealing to you already? One of our top 3 favourites for the mains!

Lobster cake $6. Fried potato with cheese, lobster, crabmeat and cheese all in one sounds too good to be true! You can really find the lobster meat inside! This is a little on the small side though.

Tri Pepper Spaghettini $10.5. The portion is good and I love the noodles! However, I felt that the deep fried soft shell crab could be done better. This dish is especially appetizing, perhaps because it is fried with chili.

Pan-fried scallops $8. Surprisingly, scallops with prune and balsamic puree goes really well together. A tinge of sweetness with the savoury scallops and crispy parma ham. You can pair it with Yuzu Mojito and Lindamans Peach beer!

Braised Smoked Pork Belly $7. I like how the pork is topped with kimchi, which makes the bun taste more refreshing on a whole. I have this thing for pork belly so I will always want to try it when I see it on the menu. Don't be afraid of the fats! 

Portobello and Lentil Stack $9. This is very flavourful and I would suggest getting this to balance the meal with some mushrooms and eggplant.

Lobster Thermidor $12. One of our top 3 dishes! Really thick and yummy. A perfect dip to go with the toasted bread. 

Squid Ink Risotto $16.5. Another of our top 3 favourites! I do not usually take pastas or risotto with squid ink but this is an exception! This dish is definitely worth every penny as they are very generous with the ingredients. With every mouthful you put into your mouth, you can taste the prawns, squid and crabmeat. 

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake $8. This took us by surprise. We were not expecting much from this as the name sounded just too normal. This fluffy version of cheesecake is really amazing. The biscuit goes really well with it as it has this salty taste which is a good contrast from the sweetness of the cheesecake. 

Ginseng Panna Cotta $7. I am not a fan of panna cotta but I am intrigued by the idea of ginseng-flavoured panna cotta. Well, it didn't disappoint and I loved it! 

French Toast with G.M mascarpone $5. This was quite a normal dessert compared to the previous 2 above. Well, if you are craving for french toast, why not?

They serve Gryphon tea there as well. Perfect to go with the sweets after a satisfying meal! 

Overall, I would recommend readers to go try A for Arbite out if you are looking for a place to have a good, satisfying dinner! Forget about the crowd outside; you can have your own space and time to have a slow and nice meal here! 

A for Arbite will be hosting a 4-day event centred around fine food and drink soon! Craft will be held from Sept 26-29, 2013 and there will be live workshops, demonstrations, artworks and more during the event period! Visit this page for more information on the event: Craft.

We thank Chef Marc and Hayden for providing this food tasting opportunity to us. 

Us and Chef Marc
Do you have your personal favourite food and drink pairing as well? :D

A for Arbite
28 Aliwal St #01-01, Singapore 199918. 
Tel: 8321 2252 
Fax: 62870434

Opening Hours:
Tue – Fri, 11.30 am - 11 pm
Sat, 11 am-11 pm 
Sun, 9 am- 9 pm 
Last order is an hour before closing


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