Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Kokoro Patisserie [AD] | ThumbsForFood

Hello to all tired souls out there! Today, I will be sharing with you bakes from Kokoro Patisserie. When I first heard of the name of this online bakery, I had no idea what the meaning of "Kokoro" was. So, I will be sharing with you guys some Japanese I learnt! Kokoro means heart in Japanese and this explains the pinkish red heart shape as the logo of the bakery. From the name, I guess many of you can infer that Kokoro offers Japanese inspired pastries. Melissa, the owner of this online home-baking business, made a decision to start her own business after having worked in several patisseries in Singapore. One thing worth mentioning is that the flour and cream are from Japan and France respectively and softening agents or stabilizers are not used!

Cheesetarts $3.50. This comes in 4 flavours: Original, Cookies and Cream, Maple Walnut and Chocolate. I have to confess that I actually brought the tarts and cakes around (without refrigerating it) for four hours or so before I went back to chill and taste them. Okay, for the cheesetarts, it is made up of cream cheese and some whipped cream on top. 

My two favourites out of the four flavours are the Maple Walnut and Cookies and Cream cheesetarts. And for diet-conscious people out there, don't worry, the whipped cream is not the fatty and oily kind that you will see in most neighbourhood bakeries! I think for us, the best part is the tart! It is really nice and crunchy, unlike the normal cheesetart texture. 

Mango Shortcake. Initially, I was quite sad that it was mango shortcake and not my favourite strawberry shortcake. But, I liked it as much! I should stop sticking to my strawberry shortcake, sometimes. The sponge cake is soft and fluffy and the cream is not too heavy!

Whole cake: Range from $40 and above. (Depends on flavour and size)
Cheesetart: $3.50 per tart (Minimum order of 6 tarts)

Orders are to be placed 3days in advance. Customers can choose self collection at various mrt stations or delivery charged depending on location. Currently, the main items at Kokoro are cakes, tarts and cookies. In addition, Kokoro Patisserie do cater for parties, events and corporate workshops. For more information, you can go onto their facebook page here or email to askkokoro@gmail.com! 

Here are some other bakes from Kokoro Patisserie: 

Customised Cut-out strawberry shortcake

Strawberry Souffle

Fresh Blueberry Tart

Frozen Mini Cheesecakes $30 for a box of 30 pieces. It is available in original, mango and lemon flavours.

Looking at these pictures of the cakes and pastries make me feel like having some now! 

Alright, enjoy your week! 



  1. so this an advertorial for them?

  2. Hi Anon,

    Thanks for visiting our blog! Yes this is an advertorial for them. :)