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The Marshmallow Tree Cafe (Telok Blangah) | ThumbsForFood

Happy Midweek, everyone!

Recently, there are so many new cafes that I am at a lost as to which one to visit first. When I saw the location of Marshmallow Tree Cafe, I knew it would be one of my top choices as it is super near to my house. A perfect choice to chill and read on a lazy Sunday [: It is located in a corner of the Telok Blangah neighbourhood. Just a short walk from the Telok Blangah MRT!

I love the decor of the cafe. It gives off a cosy feeling which makes me feel like staying there to just read my book or talk to my friends. Well, I would really love to do that but there was a constant crowd on the Sunday that I visited and we did not want to deprive others of their coffee drinking chances! This newly set-up cafe can seat around 20-odd people I think; pretty tiny space!

Look at how cute the Marshmallow tree is! A must to take photo of this little tree.

Selection of sweets

Love the clear blue skies!

Kids having fun on the swing!
Hot tea $3.50. They serve Twinings tea at the Marshmallow Tree cafe! Not really a fan of Twinings tea; probably because it is easily accessible at supermarkets and convenience stores! Well, but on days when coffee is a little too heavy, tea is the only choice!

Latte $4.50. I thought that the coffee was pretty good! And, the coffee art was good too! For a small budding cafe, Marshmallow tree cafe has definitely surpassed my expectations of it!

A differentiating point about this cafe is that they serve up their drinks with a roasted marshmallow! Loveeeee it! Though it is nothing fascinating, we were all still pretty hyped up when the marshmallows came. Reminded us of the good old days when we would all fight for the marshmallows during BBQ sessions. If only they had free flow of marshmallows or something, it would be so perfect!

Hot chocolate $5.50. I liked the hot chocolate as well as it was thick and milky enough! Would order it on days when I don't need caffeine.

My mum enjoying her roasted marshmallow as well! Yums [:

Love the frames + domo!
Iced Rose Lemon Tea $4.50. Surprisingly, it didn't have the rose taste that I dislike. Pretty refreshing drink!

Macaron Smores $4.50. Well, I was really excited to order this as it sounded interesting. But, I was pretty disappointed when I tried it. The macaron cover were a tad too hard and the whole thing just tasted too sweet for my liking.

Waffles with a scoop of ice-cream $7.50. This is a simple yet satisfying dessert! A safe choice!

Domo Cup $4.50.  I would say this is something that I would order again the next time I visit the cafe! Melted marshmallows on top with nutella and biscuits at the bottom of the cup. Definitely something that will lift your mood up high into the skies!

Overall, I feel that the Marshmallow Tree Cafe is worthy place to visit. However, the cafe does not really serve proper meals so I would suggest dropping by for a cup of coffee and some sweets! Setting itself in a neighbourhood environment and having a unique theme of its own, I foresee increasing popularity of this newly opened cafe!

Marshmallow Tree Cafe

  • 46 Telok Blangah Drive #01-85
  • Singapore, Singapore 100046


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