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Bangkok: Somboon Seafood | ThumbsForFood

I am finally getting to posting about my bangkok trip in September. Well, good things are worth waiting for right! Okay, I was really excited to try Somboon seafood but it was not my plan to have such a feast on my first night there originally. By the time we reached and settled into our hotel, it was already 8 plus 9. We were soooooooo hungry and we wanted something really yummy and so.... Yes, we hopped onto a cab and went to this outlet of Somboon seafood. 

Okay, just a brief introduction of Somboon seafood. They are famous for their fried curry crab and generally, all seafood dishes! 

There are 5 outlets so check which one is nearer to your hotel/where you are before deciding on which outlet to go! We asked our hotel reception before heading out so we avoided the trouble of deciding which one to go to. Don't just tell the cab driver to go Somboon seafood because our cab driver wanted to bring us to some other outlets initially!

We were surprised to see a queue when we reach. I mean, it was relatively late and the restaurant was so huge! There were like 3 levels (I think) and the whole place is full. Really popular but luckily we did not wait for a long time (maybe 20 mins?).

There were only 2 of us on the first night but we ordered enough food for 4. Yes, but it was sooooo good!

Fried Curry Crab. This is different from the normal curry crabs that we see in Singapore. I felt that it was not spicy. But it was soooooo delicious that I had to have these crabs again before I left Bangkok. Basically, the sauce is a mix of eggs and curry powder, with a mild taste of leek. It went really well with rice! They have the real crab version and the crab without shell version (for lazy people). When you are not in the mood for intense crab-cracking, its a good idea to get those that are without the shell :D

Prawns with glass noodles. This dish looked really good from the menu. But I was really disappointed. There were only 2 whole prawns which did not taste especially fresh and juicy. The glass noodles were quite normal as well.

Tom Yum Goong. I almost forgot to order this! But, how can we miss out tom yum soup when we are in Bangkok right? I love everything (almost everything) that is spicy and flavourful! It was good, with a decent amount of seafood in it.

Stir-fried kangkong. Keep our diet balanced with some greens!

Grilled Squid. Okay, looks can be deceiving. I was so looking forward to having this Grilled Squid but it turned out to be the worst dish we had that night. We couldn't even finish a quarter of the plate. The sauce was good but the squid was too rubbery and served cold. Well, maybe it could just be our bad luck that day with this dish so try it out if you have a chance, & tell us whether the standard is the same!

Look at the amount of people! This was when we finished eating around 1030.

Overall, I had a pleasant dinner at Somboon Seafood. The price for both of us came up to around S$48 (Singapore dollars) which was not really cheap in Bangkok sense. But, we were definitely satisfied because we know that we would not be able to find such a good deal in Singapore!

There are five outlets of Somboon Seafood restaurant:
1. Bantadthong Branch & Chinese (Cantonese style)
2. Surawong Branch
3. Ratchada Pisek Branch
4. Bangna (Sukhumvit 103)
5. SamYan

For more information, you can go onto their website: Somboon Seafood 

We will be sharing our guide to the good food in Bangkok soon!

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