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When we first received the invitation for food tasting at M Hotel, the idea of buffet came to mind. As both Z and I are Seafood lovers, we were immediately attracted by the Seafood & Barbeque Buffet Dinner available on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of Public Holidays only.

Cafe 2000 entrance
When we arrived at Café 2000, we were greeted warmly by the receptionist and met up with the Marketing Communication Manager, Lindy. Café 2000 does not occupy a very big space like other buffet restaurants but, at one scan though the food sections, there seems to be quite a good variety of food. Lindy shared with us that for the month of November, they are having “Zi Char Strikes Again” due to the positive responses from patrons when they first had this concept in October. Zi Char items include local favorites such as Sambal Kang Kong, Cereal Prawns, Sweet & Sour Pork, Kong Pao Chicken, Salted Egg Crab and lots more.

Some Zi Char Selction- Cereal Prawns, Fried Rice, Sambal Stingray
 Just like any other international Buffet, I would go for the Raw Seafood Selection. We were glad to see our favorite raw oysters as well as crab. They also had scallops and prawns. I must say that the seafood were really fresh. The oysters were freshly shucked and the prawns were really succulent. I find that the chefs were really attentive to the supply of food as they frequently refilled the section.

Various Fresh Seafood Available with sauces

Fresh and Succulent Prawns
Some of the Seafood

Another section that caught my eye was the BBQ Seafood Section. They had fresh seafood displayed there and patrons could take their pick on the selection. They had seafood like scallops, crayfish. stingray as well as the Jumbo Prawns. After picking the food on the plate, you'll just have to peg it with the clips available on your table and they will barbecue and deliver straight to your table. I really like this concept as it allows you to eat your seafood hot from the pit and yet, you won't smell of it. 

Barbecued Crayfish and Barbecued Cheese Scallops
Fresh Prawns and Scallop 
Variety of Seafood and Otah available for BBQ
BBQ Scallop and Crayfish
They also had marinated meat, chicken wings, beef and salmon that can be barbecued as well. It provides an alternative for meat lovers! I would also recommend you to try the Otah that is also displayed in this section. It was quite spicy and you can taste the fish bits in it. Love it!

Meat and Salmon Selection available for BBQ

BBQ Meat
Delicious Jumbo Prawns and Otah

For those who seek some comfort to the tummy, you can try out their soup. They usually have two different soup choices - one Chinese and one Western. I was quite surprised to see French Onion Soup as usually buffets serve the typical mushroom or cream chicken soup. 

Soup Selections

It was a great sight to see the chefs at work barbecuing and preparing food in the kitchen. It somehow gives me assurance that my food is served fresh.

Chefs whipping up delicious dishes

To balance off the sin from all the seafood and meat, Cafe 2000 also offers a wide variety of salad. They also offer parma ham and a variety of cheese.

Variety of Salad and Cheese
It is hard not to miss the sight of the Roasted Beef and their signature Pork Ribs as they displayed a huge slab of the meat. The beef was well done and quite tender. It complemented well with the sauce. It was quite a delight to be able to taste quality beef in a buffet. The Pork Ribs was alright. Personally, I don't quite like Pork Ribs due to the sweet sauce. The one here was tender but I found the sauce a little too overwhelming and sweet.

Roast Beef on display

Plated Roast Beef with Black Pepper Sauce and dash of mustard
Pork Ribs and Bratwurst

They even had a Seafood Laksa Yong Tau Foo section that allowed patrons to pick their favorite ingredients to add into either a clear soup base or a laksa soup base. I would recommend the laska soup base! It was fragrant, flavorful and because I could choose my own ingredients, I picked seafood to go with it. 

Seafood Yong Tau Foo Laksa Corner
Personalised Laksa 

They also had a small Japanese food section that offered some sushi choices and salmon sashimi. It isn't as extensive a selection, but, I guess having salmon sashimi in is in itself quite satisfying. Of course, if it had my favorite swordfish sashimi, it would have been most perfect. 

Sushi Available
Freshly sliced Salmon Sashimi

For desserts, they have a chocolate fondue! Dip your fruits and marshmallows in it and it would be a satisfying and sinful dessert. Other than the chocolate fondue, another hot favorite is their Durian Puree that is made of solely fresh durian. Here at Cafe 2000, it is really from fresh durians. The small shot cup size is appropriate for those who would not want to have too much. I was also quite surprise to see Herbal Jelly as one of their dessert options. 

Chocolate Fondue
Durian Puree
Durian Puree, Herbal Jelly

They also offer other desserts such as cakes and even kuehs for those who prefer some Singaporean desserts! I find that their bread pudding was also quite delicious although the crust on that day was a little too hard.

Pear Tart
Cheese Cake
Chocolate Cake
Bread Pudding

We got a specially made dessert from the Chef at Cafe 2000. We were definitely pleasantly surprised and thankful! This dessert was filled with raspberries. The balance between chocolate and the slightly sour raspberries was good. I definitely enjoyed the generous serving of raspberries!

After a filling and satisfying dinner, Lindy brought us to the M Hotel's J Bar which features live band performances while allowing patrons to dine in a relaxing ambience. J Bar even features an outdoor alfresco area where customers can enjoy the night breeze while having a drink. For Ladies, when you visit J Bar on Saturdays, it is Lady's Night and with just $30, ladies can to enjoy free flow of beer, mojitos and martinis till late! 

Entrance of J bar
Live Band Performance
Interior of J Bar

Lindy also shared with us other restaurants in M Hotel such as The Buffet that offers Steamboat Buffet Dinners and Buffet during Lunch! For the month of November, M Hotel presents Porridge buffet (Mondays to Fridays) as a special highlight, on top of other international cuisines. We are excited to try out these restaurants as well! Do check out other dining promotions that M Hotel have here

Cafe 2000 will definitely be one of my top choices for buffet now as it offers fresh seafood and have quite a good variety of food! If you are a great fan of Seafood like me and enjoy eating buffets, Cafe 2000 is a must try! Check with them on the privileges and discounts with various major credit card banks!

Lastly, we like to thank M Hotel and Lindy for inviting us for this food tasting. We had a great night chatting with Lindy and stuffing ourselves silly with Seafood! We hope to visit M Hotel again for their other dining specials!

Us and Lindy

Cafe 2000
M Hotel Singapore
81 Anson Road
Singapore, 079908

International Buffet Dinner
Sunday to Thursday, 6.00pm - 10.30pm
S$50++ Adult
S$28++ Child

Seafood and BBQ Buffet Dinner
Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays, 6.00pm - 10.30pm
S$62++ Adult
S$32++ Child
For reservations, please call Café 2000 at 6500 6112 or email to


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