Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Invited Tasting: Shinkei I ThumbsForFood

We were pleased to be invited to Shinkei a week ago to try out their food. Shinkei is a relatively new Japanese restaurant, located at Toa Payoh.

We got there at around 630pm and yes we were one of the earliest customer there! I love Japanese food, especially sashimi and so I will often find myself in a Japanese restaurant for buffet whenever I crave for sashimi. If you have been following our blog, you might have read my previous posts on Ikoi, Irodori and Senki. I love it for its convenient location as it is of walkable distance from Toa Payoh mrt station! Yes, all 3 of them are located near the city and so I feel that Shinkei Japanese Restaurant is a good addition to the Toa Payoh neighbourhood. People who stay or work around the area can now have accessible Japanese buffet available to them and not have to travel so far!

We were seated and the staff was very helpful in explaining to us how the ordering system works. Shinkei's ordering system is a bit different from the usual ones we see in other Japanese buffet restaurants. You get to write down your orders yourself and every serving size is just one piece. For example, if you want to order 5 pieces of gyoza, you will just have to write '5' under the quantity column. For sashimi, one serving size will be 2 slices. I find this system very simple to understand and it prevents me from over-ordering!


Our hosts were very kind to serve us some complimentary dishes by the chef!

The grilled Hamachi collar was really delicious. It was definitely one of the highlights of the dinner! The fish was fresh and very well-cooked.

Kami Nabe (Japanese paper hot pot)

I am a fan of radish and so this dish appeals to me! The beef is tender and honestly, I will just be satisfied to have this with a bowl of rice.

The baked scallops with cheese is complimentary to all customers! Well, if you are a cheese lover, this dish is just for you! I love anything and everything baked with cheese!

The sashimi was really quite fresh. I love it that they serve Ika (squid) as one of the sashimi options! Many Japanese buffets do not serve Ika! My two favourites were the salmon (of course!) and the swordfish. It was so yummy that I asked for repeated servings of sashimi! I found the sashimi slices too thin though so I feedbacked to Cindy. She shared that some customers actually prefer their sashimi thinner but if you prefer your sashimi to be cut thicker or thinner, you can simply request for it!
Another pulling factor for this restaurant is that it serves up Aburi salmon as well! It is so nice to savour the slightly torched salmon! 

I will always have the soft shell crab handroll whenever I eat a Japanese buffet! However, I would have to say that I was disappointed with the soft shell crab that was served to me that day. It tasted a bit too hard and I couldn't taste the soft shell crab itself.

I love this dish! Well, buffets tend to make me feel very uncomfortable towards the end! I always get a little too full for my own good. But, this kimchi dish is so appetizing that it seemed to be able to clear my stomach for more food!

We asked for a Ladies' drink and Cindy decided to serve us the Yuzu sparkling sake! I like the yuzu taste and most importantly, it is definitely suitable for a light drink on a weekday night!
Yuzu sparkling sake

We got to try their ice cream as well! I like both the flavours! If you prefer a refreshing touch, go for the lychee flavour! 
Lychee & chocolate flavoured ice-cream!

Overall, I had a pleasant experience at Shinkei Japanese Restaurant! The price is definitely a good bargain for the great variety of food choices they provide. A winning point of Shinkei is that it actually serves up some dishes that most other Japanese buffet restaurants do not! If you are a fan of sashimi, Shinkei is a good place to visit as you will be able to get your craving satisfied at an affordable price!

Thank you Angie and Cindy for coordinating and inviting us to Shinkei! 

If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment or email us at thumbsforfood@gmail.com! [: 

Shinkei Japanese Restaurant
600 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh
Singapore 319515

LUNCH : 11.00am - 2.30pm (Last Order :2.15pm)
Adult : $32++
Child: $22++ (Below 10 years old)

DINNER: 6pm - 10.30pm (Last Order :9.45pm)
Adult : $35++ (Sun to Thur)
Child : $24++ (Below 10 years old)

Adult: $38++ (Fri, Sat , Eve of PH)
Child: $26++ (Below 10 years old)


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