Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Paik's Bibimbap (Bedok Mall) | ThumbsForFood

Being a Korean food lover, I was quite excited when Paik's Bibimbap opened in Bedok Mall. It's signature is non other than it's fusion-style bibimbap. 

Paik's is located at the side of Bedok Mall. As renovation works are still ongoing, it might be a little bit harder to spot Paik's. It is right next to Mr. Bean. I have visited the eatery twice - once during lunch and once on a weekend early dinner slot. It was quite empty both times. Paik's is a simple bistro that boosts a small seating capacity with quite a simple menu. 

Interior of Paik's Bibimbap
We tried the signature Terriyaki Chicken Bibimbap ($8.90) which was chicken stir-fried with soy sauce and a dash of Tenkatsu (rice crispy) and vegetable with special mayonnaise sauce. I added the hot pepper sauce in as well. Really, the dish is not photogenic at all. Like many of you reading this, I thought to myself "What a plain dish!" when I saw it. However, I was so surprised at how naturally flavorful it was after I mixed everything up. The various textures from the rice, tenkatsu, cabbage, vegetables made the dish alive.

Terriyaki Chicken Bibimbap
Previously, I had tried the Squid Bibimbap which they removed from their menu. I really hope that they can include it back in because it was so yummy! I especially enjoyed the flavorful squid. On my last visit, I noticed that they had only 3 flavors left - Terriyaki Chicken, Marinated Tofu and Beef Bulgogi. 

Warm Noodles with Soy Sauce was another choice. The first time when I was there, the warm noodles were al dente. The soy sauce was so fragrant that it made the dish really appetising. However, I was a little disappointed on my second visit as the noodles were slightly soggy. Nevertheless, the Soy Sauce made up a little for it. Hope to see the noodles improve the next time around!

Warm Noodles with Soy Sauce
Overall, Paik's Bibimbap boosts a simple, fuss-free, self-service concept. I liked that the bibimbap tasted naturally flavored. It made me feel that my meal was wholesome with a balance of both proteins and vegetables. I would think that I will return here again for some simple yet healthy meal! And of course, I would love to try their steamed egg and Anchovy Noodles next time!

Paik's Bibimbap Cashier 
Paik's Bibimbap
Bedok Mall #01-95
311 New Upper Changi Road
Open daily: 10am to 10pm

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