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Travel in Korea: Gamcheon Culture Village (Santorini of the East)

Hello everyone! Have y'all read my previous post on my guide to Busan (Day 1 in Busan)? Today's post will be on Gamcheong Culture Village, Busan. I decided to separate it from my Day 2 post as there are simply too many photos for me to share! This place is definitely a must-go in Busan! If you are a fan of Running Man, you would know that they visited the village as well on the show! 

This place is quite near to Jagachi fish market (where I stayed) so we decided to hop onto a cab! I would recommend you to either cab there straight or take the subway to the nearest station and take a cab! The uphill journey should be quite a tiring walk! 

We started our journey from the tourism office and randomly just walked around, through the alleys! It is a really good place to take lots of photos because everything is so pretty! 

Food #1: Dessert time!

We saw this shop a while after the Little prince and bunny figures! It looks nice and cosy and so we decided to head in for a break!

It is really nice to just sit by the windows and look out at the colourful houses, isn't it? [:

All the desserts were really yummy! I am not a red bean lover but the red bean they use in korea is different!

Patbingsu 팥빙수. This is like a must-try in Korea! It is basically red beans on top of shaved ice, with some condensed milk and nuts! Even though it was winter when I went, I cannot stop myself from having it! 

Patjuk팥죽. I don't know the exact spices that are inside the red bean porridge but it is really smooth and tasty! I suppose there's cinnamon and brown sugar! A dessert to warm us up from the cold outside!

Red bean mochi. This is unexpectedly delicious! The mochi outside is a bit salty and it goes super well with the red bean paste inside! They wrapped it in the leaf so the whole rice cake brings with it the fragrance of the leaf.

Sweet potato latte!

Food #2: Busan's Fish cake

You can find fish cake on a stick almost everywhere in Seoul as well! But apparently Busan is famous for its fish cake so...... we decided to eat fish cakes many times a day! Honestly, I never quite appreciated this in Singapore because it just tasted too boring and bland for my liking. But after spending some time in Korea during the winter, I know why it is such a popular snack there! Holding that hot cup of soup and having some fish cake is like popping paradize into your mouth [:

Food #3: Fried chicken with rice cakes

This is absolutely sinful. It gets to a point when you don't know if the liquid coming out is the juice or the oil or the sauce! Well, that sounds not too appetizing but it is super yummy! Try it and you will know it!

This is a place that I would want to go back to the next time I visit Busan! It was fun just snapping photos and taking my time to explore this village [:

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  1. Wow.. I need this. I plan to go to this place at October. I want to ask, is there any map or direction in there? If Not, How do you go around here? Can you speak Korean? I can't speak korean, will it be a problem?

    Where to took photos for all of the Gamcheon Culture Village?

    Thank you..

  2. Hello!

    Yes, you can take the map from the tourist centre over there! No, I can't speak Korean. Don't think you will have problem going around!

    There will be photo spots but actually the village is really pretty from all angles ^^

    Have fun planning for the trip! You can read my day 1 in busan post as well :D

    Day 2 in Busan is coming up as well!

  3. Hey thanks for the tips on the snacks! ^^
    Am going to Busan & Seoul this coming Oct too.
    Would like to know any recommended lodging in Busan that is convenient to travel around?
    Thanks a bunch!

    Wen Li

  4. Hi Wen Li,

    I really liked my accommodation. I stayed at Terra Guesthouse. You can read more about it on

    Have fun in Korea! ^^