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En Japanese Dining Bar @ Alocassia | ThumbsForFood

If you have been following our blog or instagram @thumbsforfood, you would have realized that I am a crazy fan of Japanese food, especially sashimi. I love to go to Japanese buffets as they allow me to eat all the sashimi that I want. Sometimes, I am amazed by how much sashimi I can finish. I have tried quite a few Japanese buffets in Singapore! You can read more about them here:
Yes, I was really excited when I received an invitation from Katherine to go for a food tasting session at En Japanese Dining Bar! Don't worry if you have not heard of this new gem because it is relatively new. It started its business sometime in August 2013. But, I believe you might have heard of or even tried some of the other restaurants under the EN group: Z'en Japanese Cuisine, Monster curry and Tokyo Pasta Mario. 

The first thought I had when I saw the name of the restaurant was :"What does En mean?" Well, 'En' means circle or fate in Japanese and the reason for this being the name of the place is because it is meant to be a meeting place for people, 'a circle of gathering' for all. 

EN @ Alocassia Premium Buffet 

Adult: $68++
Child: $25++

(Minimum of 2 person)

Other than buffet, the place serves up ala carte dishes as well! If you are wondering the reason behind the relatively higher price tag of the buffet, it is because they serve up more variety of food compared to the other buffets. Some of these include queen crabs and premium beef shabu shabu. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of food that was available to us. 

private rooms are also available!

dining area

outdoor dining area
Beef Carpaccio. This dish comprises of thinly sliced raw beef with a marinade sauce. The beef is super delicious. This was definitely one of our favourite! Even though I was told that all the dishes were included in the buffet and were free-flow, I just had to reconfirm it by asking Katherine again. Beef Carpaccio is quite expensive if you have it at other restaurants as an ala carte item! 

Salmon Carpaccio. Well, I have tried several kinds of carpaccio dishes but not salmon carpaccio. The salmon tasted really good with the sauce and the fried garlic! If you are a salmon fan like me, this dish is definitely for you!

Sashimi Platter. They served up 5 types of sashimi: salmon, swordfish, tuna, yellowtail and snapper. I love their sashimi cut because it is sliced thick enough for us to savour the freshness of the fish but not too thick that we will get sick eating it. I was a bit disappointed with their salmon sashimi though. But it could be because it was left on the table for too long a time. 

Sashimi Salad. I love En's creation of sashimi salad. It was so good that I finished the whole plate. They were very generous with the sashimi. If you are a fan of sashimi salad, you should definitely try this because it is so much better than the ones you see in other restaurants. I always satisfy my craving for sashimi salad at sushi teh but this is just so good! I think the chef added this crunchy jellyfish-alike thing in the salad and some flying fish roe on top of it.

Salmon California roll

California Roll
Sushi Platter. Okay, I must admit that I will normally skip eating sushi during Japanese buffets because I want to maximize my intake of sashimi. But, I am glad that I tried these sushi as they were really quite good! I had the ones with the raw fish on them and I really like the taste of the rice. The amount of rice was just nice, in the sense that it won't take up all your appetite so that you can have space for all the other delicious food!

Gekkeikan Sake (1.5 litre). As the name of the place suggests, it offers a good variety of drinks and sake as well. We got to try the Gekkeikan Sake and it went really well with the food on the table. I would say that it is a good drink for ladies as it is easy to swallow and more on the sweet side. I am not an expert in Sake so if you would like to try some sake, I am sure the staff present would be more than pleased to introduce you their wide array of selection!

Yakitori Sticks
Shabu Shabu. This is definitely a must-try! Their shabu shabu is one of the best I have ever eaten.

Just look at the marbling on the beef slices. It tasted nicer than how it looked... so can you imagine? :D The beef was really smooth, almost reaching the melt-in-your-mouth level! This is seriously the highlight of the meal. I can finish one whole plate of this to myself!


Goya Chanpuru. This dish was recommended by the chef for us to try. The main ingredients are bitter gourd, spam, eggs and tofu! You will love or hate it depending on your relationship with bitter gourd!

Fried tempura. My favourite is the prawn tempura. This is really good when eaten hot!

Queen Crabs. You can choose to either eat it like this or put it into the hot pot. For me, I prefer it to be eaten straight. I love how sweet the crab meat tasted! The best part about such crabs is that you don't have to go to huge lengths just to get the meat. The shell is so soft and it is really easy to get the meat out!

Ending the meal off with some white beer! ^^

Overall, I had a very pleasant dining experience at En Japanese Dining Bar. I would definitely return there as it offers many unique dishes that other Japanese buffets in Singapore do not offer. If you have a chance to visit the place, you have to try the premium beef shabu shabu and the queen crabs! I wouldn't mind trying out their selection of sake at the bar as well! I think that this place is very suitable for birthday celebrations or big group outings as you can eat all you want and at the same time, chill out over some drinks!

A good news to all who are interested in visiting the restaurant! There is a 10% discount on all ala carte and buffet prices.

Quote "bloggers promotion" at En @ Alocassia to enjoy this 10% promotion! 

(Valid till 31st April)

Thank you Katherine for your invitation!

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