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It excites me to introduce to readers hidden gems but, at the same time, worry that the place will be too crowded the next time I am there. This is one place I am really glad to have tried and was pleasantly surprised. Rice and Fries is situated a stone's throw away from Kembengan MRT! Accesibility- checked.

Rice and Fries feels very homely with random scribblings on the wall. When we were there on a Monday evening, it was relatively empty. I really like that we had the place very much to ourselves. We were even very comfortable in taking selfies on the sofa! 

Rice & Fries's Entrance

Rice and Fries is simply decorated with partitioned seatings at both sides and longer dining tables for larger groups of people in the centre of the place.

If you take a look closely at the scribblings and drawings on the wall, you will find that they are actually quite interesting and entertaining. It sort of lets you have a better understanding of the whole restaurant's vibe and feel. I love that genuine touch of the whole place that reflects the spirit of the owners. 

They serve a variety of drinks except hard liquor. Hahaha because they say in their drinks menu on the wall, that is not a chill drink!

Drink Menu on the wall

We ordered Foie Gras as our appetiser. It was really delicious! And the Foie Gras was quite a good portion. Considering that it is priced at an affordable price, I would say this is really value-for-money. I like how they put thought in their plating as well.

Foie Gras

The Pork Chop was recommended on the menu. And just look at how delicious-looking it is! The portion was very generous. I absolutely love the tenderness of the pork and how well-braised it was. I think the sauce was also not too sweet and had the right amount of flavour. Would definitely recommend those who love pork to try this dish!

Pork Chop

 My friend ordered the Chicken Roulade served with Risotto. The Chicken Roulade is really yummy with fillings of minced meat, vegetables and cheese. The risotto is real also well done and flavoured with spices and herbs.

Chicken Roulade
If you add $3, you can get a Potato au Gratin. I did not regret adding $3! The Potato au Gratin was soooooo good! The potato and cheese went together really well. It did not feel gelat and I think I will definitely order this dish again! It's simple yet, a total comfort food.

Potato au Gratin
Pasta with Tiger Prawns was something my friend ordered. It came served with one Tiger Prawn, Angel Hair and Scallops. My friend is not a fan of Angel Hair, but, she found the pasta really good. The portion was also very generous!

This dish below was ordered by my friend as well. It's Soft Shell Crab Pasta. Look at the generous portion of the dish! It is very tasty. I like how Rice & Fries managed to complement each dishes with different sauces so well. 
Soft Shell Crab Pasta
There is always space for desserts! And am I glad that Rice & Fries serve up quite a good variety of desserts. 

We ordered the Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. The Chocolate Lava flowed out nicely once we cut it open. I guess Chocolate Lava Cake that flows is the determining factor of a successful cake.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Oozing out!
We ordered a Creme Brûlée as well. In our opinion, this was probably the only miss of the day! The Creme Brûlée was served in a huge portion! But, I guess the Egg Yolk taste was a bit too overpowering. And the sugar crust was a tat too sweet as well. 

Overall, we really had a good dining experience! We chatted with the very friendly boss, Ken Chia, who we initially thought was a random waiter of the restaurant. He came up with the dishes such as the famed Lamb Shank. We would love to try the famed Lamb Shank which was the supposed dish that won the heart of his wife.

We all agreed that Rice & Fries serves up good and affordable food. All of us spent about $30+ per person. We felt with the quality and generous portion combined with thoughtful plating, it was really value-for-money! Also, this place seems to be frequented by Cecilia Cheung too. I will be back to try their other dishes!

Displays in rice & Fries

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Rice & Fries
484 Changi Road
(Nearest MRT: Kembengan)


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